Hold an Early Holiday Shopping Show

by : j3wlbiz

Many people like to get their Christmas shopping finished early. You can provide a nice service for your customers and earn a tidy profit for you by holding an "open studio" jewelry show anytime between July and October, and promote it to your customers as an Early Holiday Shopping Event.

You can run this special event for just one day, or for an entire week. You can also include your website in your Early Holiday Shopping Event, so that any purchases made on your site during that time are also elegible for whatever specials you're offering.

Send all of your customers a warmly welcoming email or postcard with a photo of your newest jewelry collection, inviting them to attend this special pre-holiday event. Encourage them to bring their friends.

Your invitations can emphasize how your customers will benefit by taking advantage of this special shopping event. For example, you can mention:

- How nice it will be to have their shopping list taken care of early, and be abl e to enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

- What a great opportunity this is to avoid the holiday crowds and traffic.

- That, in addition to a huge selection of new jewelry styles, you also have some special stocking-stuffers and gifts for teachers, babysitters, co-workers, and Secret Santa exchanges to take care of all their gift-giving needs.

- That there will be a mystery jewelry door-prize, and a gift such as free earrings for anyone who brings a guest to your Early Holiday Shopping Event.

And so on.

At the bottom of the invitation, list all of your upcoming shows for anyone who can't attend your earlybird event or who wants to shop again later in the season.

Also mention that you have a special prize for all hostesses who hold a jewelry home party between July and December in their own homes.

For you, the benefits of holding an early holiday shopping show are:

1) You'll make some good sales during one of your slower times of the year.

2) Your holiday sales and custom orders will be spread out a little more so your business won't be so hectic in November and December.

3) You're likely to sell additional jewelry to these customers in a few months because many of your earlybird shoppers will come back and shop at your Fall shows anyway.

4) You'll gain some new customers (the guests your regular customers bring with them) just in time for you to solve their holiday shopping needs.