Making Your Furniture Last Long, Really Long

by : Sarika Kabra

Tired of your furniture giving that old, jaded look? Want a change but can’t afford to buy brand new stuff? Not yet, anyway – maybe you’d rather stash that cash for use elsewhere. Yet you wonder if there was a way to make that furniture look better somehow? Read on…The grandeur of your house is complimented by the furniture you keep. From grand old grandfather clocks to the latest glass top center table you just bought, they all scream out for just a little maintenance. And believe me, give it a try and you will find disproportionately good results!Give Some Protection: The heat generated by hot utensils tends to spoil the surface of the furniture, resulting in bloated plywood or uprooted sun-mica. Use a simple table pad to keep the dining table covered during use. Barely a few cm thick, a table pad can absorb most of that heat and prevent it from affecting the table surface. They come in a variety of materials, from a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface, to a cushiony soft velvet bottom; and fold for easy handling and storage.Don’t Stretch Your Pocket: If that sounds a little demanding on your budget, go in for a table cloth instead. It may not provide the same level of protection, but is much better than nothing. For formal occasions, delicate embroidered ones are available which will add a touch of class to your décor. And don’t worry about the laundry- a simple transparent plastic sheet will protect your piece-de-resistance while not reducing an iota of its original beauty.Simple Yet Effective: You will be surprised how little effort it takes to make your used and abused furniture look like new. All those ungainly tea stains on your dining room furniture can go away with just a little effort. All you really need is a wad of cotton cloth and a can of spirit. (I’m assuming here that your dining room tables and dining room chairs just need a touch-up; this is not meant for the original polish). Dip the cloth in the polish and gently rub it on the polished parts of the wood. Where there are any stains, a little extra rubbing should remove it completely. Allow the furniture to dry for a few hours before you put it to use again.Get A Brand New Look: If you have metal furniture, then substitute that spirit polish with a can of paint. However, all you need is a free, sunny Sunday afternoon, plenty of willpower and a can of aerosol paint to freshen up the look of your furniture. Say bye to all the ancient looks and the layers that have been peeling off giving an ungainly look to the entire setup. Go a step further and change the color as well for a completely, brand-new look.Remove That Squeakiness: Loose and squeaky chairs may soon be a thing of the past. All they are asking for is that free Sunday and a hammer with a few nails. Bang them in the corners to fit your chairs back into solid shape all over again. Take care, however, not to spoil the beauty of the wood by putting nails right on top. They should be stuck in from a concealed place, and that’s where the headless nails come in – they go right in without leaving a trace. If a polish is also on the cards, ensure you dig in the nails before using the polish, and not vice versa.So I hope you will now spend some time keeping that furniture in line and well maintained. After all, it is the pride of your homeBusiness Management Articles, and should continue to draw those gasps of admiration from your guests to boost your state of happiness!