Distinction Between Job and Business

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Okay, you have decided that you are going to work at home (either by choice or necessity) and now you are faced with the decision as to whether you will pursue a work-at-home job or to start a home-based-business. This may sound like a minor distinction, but the differences can be considerable.

A broad psychological description of the entrepreneurial spirit, says they are characteristically people who have a high energy level, set long-term goals, feel quite self-confident, and view money and financial security as a measure of success and peace of mind.

They are further characterized as problem solvers, who take risks, learn from their mistakes (as well as those of others), accept personal accountability, seize the initiative, and use all available resources to achieve their success.

Entrepreneurs compete with themselves and believe that success or failure lies within their individual control or influence. They do not see setbacks as failures, but rather as learning experiences. Most of all, they demonstrate determination and resolve, never giving up and never relenting in their pursuit of success.

If you fit most of these criteria, you would in all probability elect to start a home business instead of undertaking a work at home job.

However, the decision to work at home does not necessarily mean that you want to be the owner of a business. You may prefer working at home for an already recognized, reputable company. This is often easier to do than owning a business yourself and you may not want all the headaches, responsibilities and obligations that come with owning your own business.

Starting a home business, as opposed to working at home for someone else, can be far more lucrative and satisfying. The only person you have to answer to (aside from your customers) is you. There are two main reasons why people start their own home based business.

The first, and most common, reason is that they want to escape the drudgery of a 9 to 5 corporate environment. Even if you work at home for an established business, you can't escape the process and procedure that accompanies big business. You have only realized a very small degree of independence and you are still employed "at will." That means that if the employer decides, for whatever reason, that they no longer need or want you, you're gone.

The second reason is necessity. Today there are so many handicapped individuals, college students and stay-at-home-parents whose only chance at financial freedom is starting an Internet based home business. Fifteen years ago, these individuals had hardly any opportunity to make a significant income in spite of their situation. Thanks to the Internet, these people can now earn six figures and frankly, the sky's the limit.

Stay-at-home-parents now have the opportunity to be gainfully employed while never missing a soccer game or a ballet performance. Can the corporate minions say that? They often feel like they are not making the contribution they would like to. No more. Now, they truly can have their cake and eat it, too.

College students often scrape to make ends meet. They are faced with huge tuition loans that take years to repay. Their parents often do as much as they can, but it's just very expensive. Starting an Internet business in your college dorm is a natural. All students these days are required to have a computer. I don't know of a single campus that isn't wired with high speed internet. And the start-up business can often serve as a major project in your pursuit of a degree (depending on your major.) You can make far more than just pizza money.

The handicapped have been the most left out. In spite of laws protecting their right to apply for jobs and equal opportunity, quite frankly, not all employers are set-up for or equipped to accommodate the handicapped. The whole process of getting to work can be a major challenge. It's not necessary anymore and the handicapped can have their dignity while earning more than they ever imagined.

Regardless of which path (job or business) you choose, the first step is to figure out what business or work-from-home opportunity you want to pursue. There are many exceptional information sources such as public libraries and Internet sites that list seemingly limitless home business and work at home job opportunities. The abundance is so great that it might well lead to bewilderment.

One of the most important factors is often overlooked. This is your personal inventory. Often this will yield some direction and focus to the business or job selection process. Assess yourself and your situation. Write a resume for yourself that includes your background, education and training as well as any particular on-the-job skills you may have that could possibly be used in a business enterprise or job. Also look at your leisure-time activities and hobbies, because many businesses are the upshot of a person following their "passion." Ask yourself how much time you can pragmatically put into a business venture, given your current commitments.

Once you have determined the general type of home business or work at home job that you want to pursue, it is of vital importance that you do your homework (research) to select the precise opportunity where you are going to make your "investment" (some combination of time, effort and money) in working at home.