Unique Wedding Favors

by : Charmen

Choosing wedding favors is often not the first priority for a bride-to-be, let alone choosing unique wedding favors that will make an impression on all of the guests. Still, it is important to remember that wedding favors act as a thank you to all the guests attending the wedding. Thanks for all the support through the years, thanks for all they had to do to be able to attend the wedding and thanks for the thoughtful gifts!

Unique wedding favors also serve to remind guests of the momentous day for years to come. Many brides begin choosing unique wedding favors by trying to tie in with their wedding's theme. Others attempt to match the table decor or the wedding colors. Whatever the situation, there are several unique wedding options that can suit any brides needs:

The Keepsake

Unique wedding favors that guests will truly enjoy include a customized CD with all of the important songs from the wedding burned on it. These can include the father/daughter dance, mother/son dance and of course the first song the bride and groom danced to. Other favorite or sentimental songs can be added as well. Finish it off with a personalized label featuring the name of the bride and groom and the date. Friends and family will enjoy listening to it and remembering the fun time they had!

Most guests who attend a wedding are looking their best. They may have purchased a new suit or dress or gotten their hair done. A small photo frame is a typical wedding favor that is often seen time and time again. Truly unique party favors could incorporate the frame with the wedding photographer for a package deal! Have the photographer snap a photo of all the couples and guests in attendance. When the wedding is finished and the thank you notes are being sent out, a photo of each guest in their finest can be included. Friends and family can slip this photo right into the photo frame they already brought home from the wedding and have a perfect keepsake.

The Green Gift

Live plants or flowers are unique wedding favors that guests will treasure for years to come. These favors typically come in small pots wrapped with beautiful color-coordinated ribbons. They add beauty and elegance to the dining tables as well. Many brides are choosing live plants as unique wedding favors not only because it is an everlasting gift for guests but because they are also environmentally friendly.

The Tasty Treats

Food has always been a popular wedding favor through the years. Little boxes of chocolates tied with pretty ribbons adorn every place setting. Unique party favors involving food usually take it to the next level though. Cookies and chocolates with the bride and groom's names printed on them. Specialty fortune cookies with personalized messages or a customized mint tin that can be reused time and time again also serve as unique wedding favors that are edible.

The Theme

As destination and theme weddings gain in popularity, the number of choices for unique wedding favors that work within these themes increases too. Having a beach wedding or island-themed wedding opens many opportunities for unique wedding favors. They can include customized beach pails filled with seashells, seashell-shaped cookie cutters or boat tea lights. Some unique wedding favors for a beach wedding are as simple as a decorative starfish tied with a satin ribbon or as elaborate as embroidered beach bags. It all depends on the theme of the wedding and the size of the guest list!

Some brides are taking their weddings to scenic mountain destinations - especially when the beautiful fall colors are in full swing! Unique wedding favors that go along with an outdoor mountain theme would obviously include the aforementioned live plants as well as local crafts like handmade candles, woodcarvings or even customized bottles of gourmet maple syrup.

Taking the time to choose unique wedding favors really lets friends and family know that they are appreciated. The right wedding favor will accent the tables; bring a smile to guest's faces and serve as a perfect reminder of your beautiful day.