Parenting and Drinking

by : George Chao

Alcohol and its ill effects are all over ' media, internet and we have alternate person in the society actually demonstrating live, what alcohol can do. The reaction that most people have when you ask them how much they drink, is to quickly deflect the focus off of themselves and state how much less they drink in comparison to others. Everyone calls themselves social drinkers. When you press further more, they might say, they drink only beer or wine. Whatever said and done, alcohol is a menace, undoubtedly.

There are three levels of drinking: light, moderate or heavy. No alcoholic beverage is safer then another. Alcohol is alcohol regardless of the form in which it is consumed. It's all about how much you drink. You should consider the amount of alcohol you consume and decide if it is negatively impacting your parenting skills. Successful parenting is hindered by even "light" or social drinking. As they start to consume more alcohol, parenting becomes very difficult.

If you drink, you won't be able to spend as much time with your children. That you become intoxicated often is not a concern, only that your wasted hours imbibing detracts from your family. Adults drink most often during evenings and on weekends, the same times that children most need their parents to be available. People who drink heavily are not emotionally available to their children. Neglect is based in time and emotional unavailability.

Children imitate their parents' habits - good and bad. When they reach drinking age, they will imitate you and drink as you do, not understanding the "tolerance factor". Therefore, if you drink more heavily in general, your children will have a similar tolerance for alcohol. As a result of drinking too much, your child will follow in your footsteps and also drink too much causing you to lose you parental control. You can expect them to tell you to "practice what you preach". Then there will be a confrontation, because you have become the one hunted. Regardless of how much you drink, consuming alcohol while simultaneously condemning it to your children is a sheer act of hypocrisy. Clashes between parent and child are magnified because of the influence of alcohol.

So if you are a gluttonous drinker on most days, it is time you put a limit to your indulgence. If you're looking to maintain your moral position in order to better guide your children, not consuming alcohol at all would be the best choice. Parents need to reduce their alcohol consumption. Fathers shouldn't drink thrice a day and overall not more than six a week. Moms should decrease their alcohol consumption by one third. Parents should spend time with children without alcohol at least 3 times a week. Do their activities. Keep working with them and build up some trust.

You have a good enough reason to refrain from drinking alcohol. You know you love your children, isn't it true ?