Baby Shower Party Game Ideas

by : Gail Leino

The choice of games is based on what kind of party you are going to throw. If it is a sit down event, the games selected should be games that are easily played while seated at a table. The hostess can prepare a sheet of paper with the names of celebrity babies on one side and the names of their parents on the other. Guests must try to match up as many of the babies with their parents that they can (the guest with the most right wins). On the other hand, a party can be held at a private house or a large hall where the guests have enough room to mingle. In that case, you'll want to prepare games that are a little bit more active.

Place a baby bonnet in a box and wrap it with several layers of wrapping paper. Similar to hot potato, the guests pass the box around until the music stops. The guest who is holding the box unwraps one layer of wrapping paper. Have the guests continue until the box is completely unwrapped. After passing the box around one more time, the guest caught with the box must wear the baby bonnet for the rest of the party. The most popular game at baby showers, howeverFree Articles, is baby bingo. At you can find examples of simple and entertaining games fit for any baby shower.