Baby Showers

by : Damian Sofsian

Baby showers represent the joyous celebration of having a baby. Baby showers are the parties thrown for expectant mothers who are shortly expecting babies. They are generally non-relative in the sense they are usually given by friends or co-workers. Baby showers bring excitement along with loads of gifts for the baby as well as the mom-to-be as well as the people who throw the shower.

Baby showers need a lot of preparation. They should be planned as per the convenience of the expecting mom as well as the cultural and religious traditions of the family. Some cultures do not receive gifts until the baby is born. Some showers can also be planned after the birth of the baby as this enables the guests to have to look at the new born, though generally baby showers are thrown before the birth only. They are usually given 2-3 months before the delivery date.

The exact date and the time can be planned as per the mother's requirements. The shower can be thrown in anyone's house (could be the organizers'), at a restaurant, at a reception hall, at an outdoor area like a garden or a park, or in the office. The guest list can be prepared after consulting the parents-to-be and can have the "Guest of Honor", who can be the grand-parents or God-parents. Baby shower parties can be based on a theme and they can also include interesting games like naming games and baby food games to make the party last for a couple hours. Baby shower favors are also given to all the guests who attend the shower. Baby shower gifts have to be very thoughtful and it is better to give items which would be useful for the mom or the baby.

Now a days, Co-ed baby showers, which include both the mom and the dad, are also very popular. Traditionally baby shower were held only for the first baby, but these days, baby showers are being held for succeeding babies as well. Baby showers for subsequent babies are known as sprinkles. They are generally useful if the second baby is not the same sex as the original child, or if there is a long time gap between the two babies, as the mother may not still have the original clothing and equipment. Baby showers can also be planned for adopted babies.