Host a Unique Baby Shower

by : Cheryl Salto

Baby showers can unfortunately be so formulaic, we’ve all been to one or even thrown one that has similar decorations, plays similar games (usually accompanied by many groans), and gives all the guests similar personalized baby shower favors that were given at the last one we all attended. So why not get away from the “usual" and try something different that everyone will remember – especially the mom-to-be!Party décor and baby shower favors don’t necessarily have to be baby themed. Although we tend to immediately think of pink or blue, tiny little feet, storks or cradles, this isn’t the only way to represent the little one at the shower. Choose one of these four creative ideas or use them for inspiration:

Baby, It’s YOU! – Tribute the mom-to-be – when she was a baby! This is an especially great shower if lots of family will be present who can help you carry this off. It’s a delightful way to connect the dots of the generations and remember back. Use her baby picture on invitations and choose a personalized baby shower favor that fits her character. To customize it, use the same or a different picture and add a “did you know" quote about something endearing she did as a baby such as “did you know one of Amy’s first phrases was “who bought this?" or “…her favorite book was The Gingerbread Man". You can use her favorite colors to decorate and serve her favorite foods, if they’re available blow up pictures of when she was little for centerpieces or to hang and if her mom has saved them, pull out the treasure box of her childhood artwork and toys and have them displayed around. During the shower, have family members or lifelong friends tell stories about when she was little using phrases like “I hope your baby takes after you (or doesn’t!) because when you were little you ____" It should be a fun filled time and a pleasant trip down memory lane for everyone!It Takes A Village -- Have a project focused baby shower - what could you do to help the mother-to-be that would be a boost? Has she been focusing so much on the baby coming, or maybe been having a tough pregnancy that she hasn’t had time to paint a room she’s been wanting to paint in her home, do spring cleaning, plant the vegetable or flower garden or maybe even decorate the baby’s room? Just like an old-fashioned barn raising, coming together is a powerful way of showing your support for the guest of honor as well as rewarding for all that participate. You may need to bring her into the planning on this one – but it is something that can be a real gift to her and a lot of fun for everyone at the same time. As hostess you’ll have to be very organized in advance with tasks thought through and supplies gathered to make things go most smoothly. Set up the schedule for the day realistically, make sure the guests know there will be an activity involved and to dress accordingly and then relax all together after the project is done and celebrate the group accomplishment and honor mom-to-be with a light meal or coffee and cake. Send guests home with a baby shower favor that is a treat for them to enjoy after their efforts – maybe a cocktail mix and special glass to enjoy it in or a yummy custom cookie treat personalized with the date and a nice phrase. It’s all about YOU! -- Does mom-to-be have a favorite hobby that would be appropriate for a shower theme? – For example, does she love gardening? Use a garden related theme complete with décor and personalized baby shower favors that represent her hobby. Include the little one by decorating with child size garden tools and gloves usually available at any garden center. They’ll add a cute flair and will be useful when Mom passes along her green thumb in the future and will bring back memories of this special day. A rose to be planted in honor of the baby is a lovely thing for everyone to chip in on and present as a reminder of the day. As hostess, or together with a couple of other guests, your baby gift could be other gardening type clothing for baby that could also be used to decorate such as tiny overalls and t-shirts or sun hats or items with garden theme prints on them. They don’t have to be infant size – up to a year is great and gives mom clothes to look forward to putting baby into after those initial growth spurts. Send everyone home with personalized baby shower favors of seeds to plant in their own garden to honor Mom and baby on the way. Several other hobbies or interests of the mom-to-be work great with a shower like this – think Beach or Travel – lots of possibilities for a fun event.

Take a Deep Breath…it’s Spa time! This is a wonderful time to be nurturing Mommy-to-be in anticipation of the down time she’s likely to lose soon! Create a spa day at home for mom and her guests. Be as luxurious as bringing in a couple of massage therapists for neck and shoulder, or hand and foot rubs for those who would like them or have a masseuse (or you reading from a book) give instruction to all the guests while demonstrating on mom-to-be. (This way you all can take the knowledge home with you too.) You can practice on one another while tranquil spa music plays and you sip on herbal tea, sparkling waters or a refreshing mint julep. Have a few friends or as hostess, put together a mommy gift that she can use in the future to keep the relaxation going – a nice bubble bath, a meditative CD (great also for putting baby to sleep) – calming bath products for baby (that will work on mom as well when she slips into the tub with the little one) or perhaps mommy and baby hooded terry robes to be cozy in. You can decorate with soothing colors, flowers and candles and serve light and healthy spa cuisine. Personalized baby shower favors could be spa candles customized with an inspirational phrase instead of just the traditional mom’s name and date of the shower. It can be a girl’s day for pampering all together.

Although every group of family and friends will be different, as hostess you will likely be able to choose what type of event will be most appropriate for your guest of honor’s special day. Of course the baby shower is meant to honor baby too – gifts should still be baby focused, (especially if the mom-to-be has registered for things she would like or needs) but as you may have noticed in each idea aboveFree Articles, it’s also lovely to give a special little something for the guest of honor personally to recognize that she is doing a lot of work herself over these nine months! Just think “Mommy and Me" as you work out your event plans and it becomes easy to have the little one be included in all ways on this special day for Mom. It is baby’s pending arrival that has you gathered after all!