Baby Boy Gifts - 7 Gift Ideas for New Baby Boys

by : Tim Lee

The circle of life brings new life into the world. You just heard that a good friend gave birth to a baby boy so it makes perfect sense that you dash to the nearest mall to get her the perfect gift for the infant. Here are some suggestions.

1. Playsets

Ranging from sports to cowboys, any playset is a good deal. The baby boy will be introduced to the world of sports if you give him something like a sports bag playset. Also, the baby boy will be able to use his imagination if you give him something like a cowboy playset. Whatever you give him, playsets are helpful to the baby boy's development.

2. Blanket

This not only keeps the baby boy warm, it can also be kept through the years. You would never know he would be holding on to this and proudly say that it is his security blanket.

3. Musical Dolls

Musical dolls come in animal designs. Get a cat or a dog and watch the baby boy enjoy these dolls sing. These need batteries to function.

4. Baby Boy Gift Package

If you want to stretch you buck, get this instead. Every mom would want to have this as a gift for their baby boy because it contains bottles, bibs toys and knick knacks for the infant.

5. Wagons

These are cute even when they are smaller than the normal wagon. This is a great gift for the baby boy because onlookers will find it charming seeing the baby boy riding it.

6. Stuffed Toys

Oh yes. You could never make a mistake with this classic give-away. These have dual purposes. The baby boy can hug them when he's awake and the mother can also use these as "shields" so that the baby won't hit his head on the sides of the crib when he sleeps.

7. Socks

Keep the baby warm by getting him pairs of socks. Get those that come in sets and have various colors and designs, therefore introducing the baby boy to fashion and to matching the socks with his wardrobe at an early age.