Which Website Designs Actually Work

by : billy101

The design of a website should be simple, easy to navigate, complete with essential contents and with immediate graphic visibility. The content of the website should be a reflection of your business. Therefore the design should be such that it allows the user to access your site easily.

When you design a website keep in mind that people use different computers and web hosts that use different browsers, and may display the same page of your website differently on different browsers. Some of the older version of browsers may not even display your pages and do not support new modifications and new tags. When you design a website, ensure that it is tested with the latest version of browsers - Internet Explorer and Firefox to benefit from all the new application softwares in use.

You can also check your design on BrowserCam,which allows you to choose different browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and remote access to any of their testing machines. It also allows you to submit multiple URL's. It actually allows you to view how your contents will look like when loaded on different browsers.

It is very annoying when it takes a long time to open the pages. It means that the loading time is more, making the system slow. The user might as well move on to another site where the information is quickly available. It happens when the size of graphics is very high. Keep the graphic size adequately small. You can speed up the response time by having same images on different pages. In this condition the images get loaded from the cache rather then the browser itself. It is very useful for title bars. How to use the graphics to the best advantage can be studied on Web Graphics and Web Page Backgrounds. In a nutshell keep the loading time low.

The design of the website should permit easy navigation. Building a small text menu at the bottom of the screen will aid in navigation. Web Site Navigation gives detailed information on navigation. The web design should have consistency, because it helps your site to be recognized with a brand name. The background, colors, fonts and other buttons should have uniformity throughout. Stick to the standard fonts. Check Web Fonts for more details. For viewing the website a resolution of 800x600 is best without straining your eyes.

Study what others are doing and take the best out of them to design your own eye catching website.