What Really Makes Someone Join Your Home Business?

by : tpcedwards

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to discover the magic formula that will make prospects join your home-based business? Do you mistakenly believe you have to say just the right thing about your business, or have just the right product to offer in order to sign up a new business partner? Well, hang onto your hat because you're about to learn the real secret to why prospects will ever join any home business. It's as simple as answering two questions. Master these two questions from your prospect and you'll never have any problems getting new partners in your home business.

Question 1: "Are You Someone I Can Trust?" or "Can I Believe What You Say?"

Let's face it...the online world is full of con artists and scammers who are constantly screaming at us that if we join their business we can make gazillions of dollars every month. You have to show your prospects that you are different. They need to trust you and know that you're real, and not just some over hyped huckster on the Internet.

How do you get a prospect to trust you? Simple. By showing them that you care more about their needs than you do your own. Take the time to get to know your prospect. Ask questions about their life. Find out why they want to start their own home-based business. It's been said for ages that the good Lord gave us all two ears and one mouth for a reason. Be sure you are doing more listening than talking.

This is extremely important because if your prospect doesn't trust you, it won't matter how great your home business is, or how fantastic your product is, because they are NOT going to join you in any business. You must establish a trust with any prospect. Try to find a connection between the two of you. Do you share any hobbies, or interests? Build upon that.

Here are some other ways to build trust in the eyes of your prospects:

?Have your contact information on your website and emails. This should absolutely include your phone number.

?Have a picture of yourself, or you and your family, on your website. A picture establishes trust very quickly, and it also shows your prospects that you're a real person.

?Always be honest with your prospects. Never make income guarantees, or promises you can't keep.

?Be yourself. Let your prospect know you're a regular person who has the same types of everyday problems as they do.

Question 2: "Can I Do What You're Doing?" or "Can I Do This Business?"

Your prospects are going to look at what you are doing and determine in their minds whether or not they can do the same thing. It is vitally important that you keep things simple. The simpler you keep your home business, the better.

How are you building your business? Are you making tons of cold-calls to complete strangers? (Yikes! No one is going to want to try and build a home business doing that.) Are you building through the Internet and using online techniques to attract new business partners? Are you emailing leads your home business opportunity and directing them to your website? And the list can on and on.

Whatever methods you are using to build your business, they must be simple and non-threatening in the mind of your prospect. Offer them choices. Work with them to discover what methods are the most comfortable to them. Everyone is different. Let them see that they have many choices in how to build their home business.

You will also want to let your prospect know that it will take some time to build their home business, and not to expect microwave results. They need to be patient. Make sure they know that you'll be there for them and help them along the way. Give them the tools they need to be successful.

Your prospect may never actually come out and ask you these two questions, but if you can answer these questions for your prospects as you go along in speaking with them, you're going to build their trust, respect, and confidence. And in doing so, you're going to begin building a huge business of your own.