Day Cover For Business Users Make It A Daily Reminder

by : Galway

There is a substantial body of recent research that concludes drivers who use their own car for work related journeys are, in a lot of instances, unaware that they need specific business insurance cover to drive legally.

This means that every day thousands of drivers are unknowingly committing a serious road traffic offence of driving without appropriate insurance cover. This problem can be solved by using a new on-line insurance innovation that provides day cover for the business journey.

There are many different types of business journeys taking place each day in the work environment, many of which would not appear to really be business travel requiring specific day cover insurance. Some examples would be doing the bank/post office run, getting the boss a bacon sandwich, going to collect the stationary order or delivering the urgent document to a customer.

The perception is that these are not really business situations that require business cover. That could not be further from the truth. The employees own car, when used on any task at work required by the employer, is classed as their place of work and the HSE requires, under the duty of care legislation and road traffic legislation, for specific business insurance to be in place to cover each journey, no matter how trivial it appears.

In the event of an accident the police will be specifically looking at business insurance as part of their investigation. This means the age old way of getting by not having business insurance cover, pretending you were on a personal drive, will not hold up because the police will check whether you were at work that day and the reasons for your journey.

If you try that tack you will not only end up with a conviction for not having insurance, but you may be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice in lying about the reason for you journey. For that you are likely to end up with a prison sentence.

The traditional way of securing day cover for the journey is to contact the insurance company or the broker to set up a midterm adjustment to the driver's annual policy. This specifically adds business insurance cover to the annual policy for an additional fee. It is an expensive administration exercise for the insurer and customer which does not deliver an immediate day cover policy on-line.

The amended annual policy is posted to the driver in the usual way. This can be inconvenient, especially if the driver is stopped by the police and cannot produce the day cover amendment to the annual policy.
However, we are in the internet era and an innovative new insurance offering enables you to purchase a day cover policy specifically for those occasional business journeys.

The certificate of insurance can be printed off at work on the printer as proof of the business insurance cover to produce to the police in the event of an incident. It truly is instant day cover which can be used for those distress situations where you cannot wait for several phone calls to amend an annual policy.

The day cover can be taken out to enable another driver to use your car or for you to be properly insured to use another car at work. So next time you are asked by your boss to make a quick journey in your own car, make sure you have business cover on your annual policy or take out on-line day cover.