What Bathroom Remodeling Can Do For You and Your Home

by : Illa Maden

When we consider a home improvement project, such as bathroom remodeling, we often think in terms of what it will do for us. This is a valid consideration. Investing in a remodeling project can be somewhat costly, and bathrooms are among the home improvement projects which can cost the most.

Much is made of the value that a bathroom remodel can add to your home in terms of it's dollar value. This is an important consideration if you are planning to sell in the near future. But, even if you have no plans to sell at this time, you should keep an eye to dollar value as you are working through a bathroom remodel. Situations change. While you may have no immediate thoughts of relocating now, that could change in the future for one reason or another.

Increasing size of family is one frequent reason for selling a home and moving, and of course, there is also the possibility of your employment creating the need to sell and move elsewhere. So, it is wise to think ahead when you are planning on remodeling your bathroom. For instance, a black bathtub may work for you, but it probably does not have wide appeal and therefore would not add to the appeal of your home when selling to the average home buyer.

One positive aspect to a bathroom remodel is that if it is done well and finished it is one project that usually returns the majority of your investment if you should sell in the future, and it adds a lot of appeal which is important if you want a quick sell. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that really sell a home in most cases, and they will be the most heavily scrutinized by potential buyers.

But unless you are already in a mindset to sell your home, you will be remodeling your bathroom for the benefit of the members of your household.

What will a bathroom remodel do for you and the members of your household? That should be the immediate concern. If you have thoughts of undertaking a remodel, then obviously there are things that either displease you, don't function properly, or are drastically outdated. The first place to start might be to think of what you don't want then move on to consider what you do want.

A bathroom remodel can be full or partial. It just depends on your needs. If most of your big fixtures are in good condition, look good and function well, then there is no reason to add the expense of replacing them to your list. Toilets and bathtubs are very durable and if cared for will last many years.

Some folks who have the space want to remove their bathtub-shower combination and replace it with separate units. If you have the space and the desire this could add greatly to the functionality and pleasure of use your bathroom will give.

While toilet and bathtubs usually hold up very well and can often be kept, the vanity is one item in a bathroom that will show signs of wear and give your bathroom a dated look. While you are replacing the vanity, think about lighting. If your lighting is inadequate, the time to either update fixtures or improve wiring is during a remodel.

Each bathroom remodeling project is very different, and this is what makes estimating cost so difficult. The size of the bath is a big factor, along with which items you replace, and the quality of the items and materials you select.

You alone will determine the extent and needs for your bathroom remodel. Don't make the mistake, though, of saving a few dollars by trying to salvage an item such as a vanity that really looks sad and worn. The few extra dollars you spend will give the bathroom a renewed and finished look.

And, speaking of finishing, do finish you project in all respects. Make sure all the little details have been attended to when you are finished. Small details like not replacing molding or hardware can mar a remodeling project that would otherwise look very good. Few things will de-value your home more, or feed your ongoing dissatisfaction like a half finished remodeling project.