Kitchen Remodel Can Update Busiest Room


After many years of looking at my same old kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances, it may be time for a kitchen remodel to update the most used room in the house. While many will think a fresh coat of paint a good first step, just ask the person who uses the room the most for opinions. They will know how vast the kitchen remodel needs to be to make it more elegant and more user-friendly.

Making the room more attractive and appealing for all the family members is great, but making it more convenient in which to work will make it even better. Organizing the cabinets and appliances to be within reach for the job being performed can almost make kitchen duties fun. During a kitchen remodel, replacing or refinishing cabinets and countertops can make a lasting impression, but do not forget the kitchen flooring, making sure it matches the new color scheme.

If the decision is made to also replace the countertops, consider replacing the sink and faucets as well. A scuffed sink with tarnished fixtures will stand out like a sore thumb, especially following an extensive kitchen remodel. Replacing hardware on refinished cabinets can also add to the new look.

Organizing appliances to existing space

Simply because a stove or refrigerator has always been in a particular position, does not mean it cannot be moved. About the only rule in appliance arrangement during a kitchen remodel is to separate the stove from the refrigerator by at least one cabinet and try to keep the stove away from the sink. Heat from the stove may cause refrigeration problems and water from the sink splashing on the stove is never a good thing.

Other than those guidelines, the kitchen remodel can be done to make living more convenient for everyone. Ideally, the refrigerator is typically placed close to a door and a counter to make putting groceries away more convenient, taking less steps from the car to the unit. There is some debate on whether dishes should be stored over the dishwasher for convenience when putting them away, or near the stove for the convenience when serving meals.

Silverware and pots and pans are other items that can create dissent, but pots and pans will normally be located near the stove or oven and silverware closest to the dishwasher for ease at putting them away. These are all things that can be planned out before performing the kitchen remodel to make sure everything has a place and it is convenient to keep everything in its place.