Youre Moving. Now What?

by : Jacky Graves

Is there a move in your near future? If so, there are some things that you need to start thinking about and doing now. Competing these tasks (or at least having a plan as to when each task will be completed) will help to reduce the stress hat is imminent with any move.

How will you get your mail?
Will your mail be delivered to a mailbox outside your home (or at the end of your road)? Will you need to set up an account with your new post office to obtain a box there? Once you know how your mail will be delivered you can obtain your new address. Give your new address to your current post office so they will know where to forward your mail. Also, be sure to let family, friends and anyone else who will be sending you mail know what your new address will be and the date this address will become effective.

Emergency Services
You should know, at the very least, how to contact your emergency services and how to get to the nearest hospital. Is your new community equipped with E911? These questions can generally be located in the local phone book. Take a drive out to your new community and see if you can find the hospital.

Will you have to switch health-care providers when you move? If so, you should begin searching for new providers now. Call around to some places, ask for referrals, check out credentials, and set up an appointment to meet. Don't forget to locate a new dentist and vet as well.

Before you move you will need to let your electric, heating, phone, cable, and internet companies of the disconnection date. In addition, you will need to contact these companies in your new community to let them know when to turn on services in your new home.