Moving Tips

by : Sarah J Holt

Moving can be a very stressful event, but does not need to be. Follow these easy moving tips to ensure that everything will go smoothly and without mishaps.

Colored Dots

Assign a color to each room of the house. Use colored dot stickers, or for younger children you can use fun stickers, such as ones of animals. Put the corresponding colors on the boxes as you pack up your belongings so that when you arrive at your new home you know where to put each box before unpacking.


Now use white stickers and put them on each box. Write a 1 on the boxes that have items that you will need to use right away, such as dishes, clothing, and bathroom supplies. Write a 2 on items that you will most likely use in the next month, but not immediately after moving. These items will likely include things like DVDs, books, and decorations. Write a 3 on items that you will want to access in the next year, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothing. Write a 4 on items that are meant for storage, ones you want to keep, but most likely will not be using in the next year.

Once you have applied a number sticker to each box you will have completed one of the most important of these moving tips, since prioritizing will save you endless work trying to search through boxes for items that you need right away.

Start Early

One of the best ways to avoid a stressful moving day is to get an early start on packing, so that by the time the move is ready, your stuff is ready also. If possible, start a month or two early by packing up the items that will contain a number 3 or 4 priority sticker. After boxing them it is a good idea to set them aside, either by stacking them in a garage if you have one, or in a corner of each room.

Get Rid Of Extra Stuff

Use this move as a time to get rid of stuff you no longer need. This is the perfect time to clean out your house with the added benefit of having less to unpack when you move into your new home. Items that you want to get rid of and are in good shape can be donated or sold, the rest thrown away or recycled.

Take the Important Stuff With You

Take the really important stuff up front with you. This might include a box containing birth certificates, social security cards, and other important documents. By transporting them with you the chance of them being lost among the other stuff is eliminated. Although perhaps the simplest of all the moving tips, this one can save you the most time and frustration by ensuring that you will not need to go through the hassle of replacing them.

Moving is rarely a relaxing and enjoyable event, but by following the above moving tips you can be assured that moving day will run smoothly and efficiently.