Kinds of Moving Equipment

by : Mathews Rosario

Moving to a different place requires proper packing and equipment for transporting the packed items. Find out about the various kinds of Moving Equipment that are needed for a successful move.

The Moving Industry is a well established and major business. The packers use various boxes, crates, packing materials and equipment to carry out their job. Moving supplies are available on the basis of the customer's belongings.

A normal Moving Kit usually contains boxes of various sizes and specialties, different kinds of wraps, markers and sealing tapes. Most Moving Companies use standard sized boxes that can be obtained from any supplying house. These boxes are large enough to accommodate most items. Some of these boxes are specially made for certain items. A special type of box called the Wardrobe Box has a bar on top that is used for hanging clothes. Dish Packs are boxes that are divided into compartments for stacking dishes.

Similar kinds of boxes are available for packing glass ware or crystal ware. These boxes are usually cushioned with foam peanuts or Styrofoam. Flat Cartons for mirrors or pictures are padded with striated cardboard to prevent the glass from breaking. Special packing papers are available with which the items are wrapped before putting them in the boxes. Another kind of wrapper, called Bubble Wrap is used to pack fragile, delicate or electronic items. Bubble wraps have air pockets that cushion the items and the plastic prevents water damage. The boxes are sealed using packer's tape. Plastic wrap is used by Movers to seal drawers, lids and doors. Plastic wrap is also used to protect furniture from getting dusty.

Once the packing is done, the movers use Trolleys or Dollies to load the boxes on to the truck. The trolleys/dollies are hand carts used for moving boxes. The boxes are loaded on the trolley and wheeled to the truck. Most moving companies use ramps for wheeling the trolleys. Using ramps prevents marks on the carpets or on wood floors.

There are few types of moving equipment like Door Jam Protectors or Banister Bumpers that are used by some companies. These can also be availed of on special request. Door jam protectors and banister bumpers are used to protect doors or banisters from being scratched or damaged while moving heavy furniture. These are quilted pads, secured with Velcro.

The most necessary equipment for moving is the transportation. Moving Companies generally have their own fleet trucks. Trucks are also available on rent. Moving Trucks are made of corrugated steel and have strong doors that can be secured with a padlock.

Whether you pack yourself or hire movers to do your packing, make sure you have all the necessary equipment needed to make a hassle- free move.

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Mathews Rosario Team