Decorating With Cheap Wooden Blinds

by : Terry Schierer

A smart decorator will take advantage of the low advertised price of cheap wooden blinds to get the look they want while the budget smiles.

I love decorating with cheap wooden blinds for these five reasons.

They are the same blind.

I will say that one more time. They are the same blind. Not a cheaper imitation but the same bass wood blind that regularly sells for about 50% more. The slats are the same gauge and same width. They are finished with the same paint or stain as the higher priced ones. The difference is in the options.

Usually you only get 5 or 6 color choices with cheap wooden blinds, there is one company that does give you 15 color choices. You are usually limited to only a string tilt control but here again a couple of the companies do allow you to have a wood wand tilt.

I personally like the wand tilt because I think it works and looks better than the string tilt.

You get a good looking 3" wood valance on these blinds, same size as the regular priced blinds.

Cheap Wood Blinds Cost Way Less!

Less is translated as low, low prices!

How does 1/2 price sound. One major blind retailer has a 36"w x 60"l bass wood blind for $63 and one for $129. The difference, the one for $63 has only five color choices while the expensive one has 21 color choices. There are other options available, but thats a big difference.

Friends and Neighbors Won't Know The Difference.

The only difference is in the price, other than that they are exactly the same blind. The only way anyone will know how little you paid is if you start bragging on the great deal you got.

Watch out! Tell too many people about your great deals and they will start to ask your advice on decorating and soon you will be known as the one to come to for decorating advice.

You Can Decorate More Because You Have Spent Less

One of the constant challenges any decorator has is to stay within budget. The great dividend is that saving all that cash on your wood blinds you now have more cash to spend on other decorating accessories.

Cheap Wooden Blinds Are Versatile

They look great as a stand alone window treatment or you can use them with just about any other window treatment. Cheap wood blinds look great surrounded by a pair of side panels or add a swag and jabot top treatment and you have a window to die for.

Price is the only cheap thing about cheap wooden blinds. Put the expensive blind side by side with the cheap wood blindFind Article, they look the same and they feel the same. The use of cheap wood blinds in your home is limited only by your imagination and daring.