Decorate Your Home With Insulated Blinds

by : Terry Schierer

Insulated blinds keep the heat out in the summer and the heat in in the winter. Plus they look awesome. Thats reason to shout in any language

Let's face it anytime in todays world that you can help save the environment, get great looks and save money at the same time, your definitely on to something. That's what makes insulated blinds so special.

They Are A Can't Do Without Product

Window blinds are one of those items that is essential to any home for security, good looks and light control. Let's face it if you are home alone you want the security of knowing that people are not standing outside looking in at you.

Besides there are times when you just want to put your funkies on and just chill, make the world go away and forget about everything. That's when you need insulated blinds. They melt away the days stress and keep you comfy.

While they are keeping you safe and secure they also look great. Some styles will change a rooms mood in an instant, just by changing the color coming in the window.

Light control could not be any simpler. Just by raising and lowering the blind you can have just the amount of light coming in that you desire.

Save A Ton Of Money

Some of the insulated blinds we are talking about have an R-Factor of five or higher.The higher the rating, the higher the energy efficient they are. What that means is that you save bushels of money and most people I know love saving money.

Some insulated blind like the Duette Architella and their revolutionary design form three distinct air pockets for increased insulation against the heat and cold. You gain a awesome more comfortable setting while reducing energy costs.

With todays high energy costs and tomorrow's even higher costs, saving money on heating and cooling our house just makes sense. As I sit here and write this article there are record high temperatures being set today in different parts of the country. Higher temperatures means higher cooling bills.

With more of your budget money going to heating and cooling expense every year, this might be the time to investigate switching your old inefficient window blinds to new energy efficient insulated blinds.

Improve The Looks Of Your Room

The insulated blinds of today are awesome looking as well as great insulators. One of my favorites is the exotic woods. They are so rich looking that it is hard not to just sit there and stare at them.

You can get a insulated blind is just about every color in the rainbow. And the neat thing about them is they take that color and spread it through out the whole room causing moods and attitudes to change.

Speaking of causing moods to changeHealth Fitness Articles, adding insulating blinds to your room will change your attitude to one of peace and security.

Go Green

Insulated blinds are fast becoming a part of the Green revolution that is sweeping across America. To help eliminate some of that carbon footprint that each and everyone of us produce each day we can replace old worn out window blinds with new energy efficient ones.

High energy efficient blinds reduce the amount of money we need to spend on heating and cooling cost. They also protect our furniture and flooring from fading and other effects of the sun. By not replacing as often as before we help reduce that carbon footprint.

The Green revolution is all about each of us doing our part to save and protect the environment for our children and their children. Join the Green Revolution today by adding an insulated blind to your home.