Is No Medical Life Insurance For Real?

by : Sharon Taylor

Have you recently been hearing about no medical life insurance, which is a type of life insurance that does not require that you undergo a physical or medical examination before signing up? This may sound too good to be true, and many people are ignoring the possibilities because they cannot imagine it being for real. Is no medical life insurance really possible? And if it were really possible, how would you go about obtaining no medical life insurance quotes? Read on to find out more about this new trend in life insurance policies.

No Medical Life Insurance Quote - For real?

Quite often, you may see an ad for a no medical life insurance policy or a website offering no medical life insurance quotes. At first thought this may seem like it is a rip off or some kind of scam. However, it is actually quite possible for you to obtain no medical life insurance quotes if you do your insurance policy shopping online rather than searching in person to meet your life insurance needs. Finding the right quote is actually only a few clicks away when it comes to searching on the computer, but only if you take the time to make sure if you are the right type of person to pursue no medical life insurance or not. Does the need for it apply to you, and are you the right candidate for this type of insurance or not?

Shop for No Medical Life Insurance Quotes Online

Doing your shopping online for no medical life insurance quotes begins with completing an online application for your no medical life insurance quote. One great, no obligation life insurance site to visit for this is at This will involve sharing information relating to your age, your gender and your health on a generalized basis. Once your answers have been completely assessed by online agents who work for the insurance provider website that you visited, they will be able to determine if you qualify for no medical life insurance or not. There is one thing that you should be aware of regarding no medical life insurance quotes. If the provider does not feel that you are young and healthy, or they believe that you have some kind of health issue or illness that needs to be addressed, you will more than likely not be approved for this type of insurance. This is not an attempt by the insurance provider to be unfair to you, but rather the insurance provider is trying to protect the company from risk that they view to be unnecessary.

Once you have found an insurance provider that does not require a medical examination online, the rest of the process is actually quite simple. Once you have received a reply from the insurance provider letting you know that your application for no medical life insurance has been approved, you can pay for your policy online. You can use a credit card and immediately able to print out the paperwork. It is important to tell the truth when applying for this type of insurance, however, if your insurance provider finds out that false information was given when applying for your no medical life insurance policy, you may find that it has been canceled.

It is important for you to be an educated consumer when it comes to shopping for life insurance online. Even if you are eligible for no medical life insurance quotes, there are plenty of other considerations to make relating to choosing the right insurance policy. For example, will you seek permanent or standard life insurance, or temporary or term life insurance? Standard insurance coverage remains in effect until the insured person passes away. Term coverage on the other hand expires after a certain number of years. You can read more about no medical life insurance at