Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

by : Fisher Swanson

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Save Money on Your Auto Insurance
By Fisher Swanson

In nearly every state you have to purchase auto insurance if you drive. Here are some tips for spending less on auto insurance and getting the most for your money.

Ask Around

Ask people you know and trust what insurance they use. Find out if they have ever filed a claim and how smoothly it went. Really cheap insurance doesn't amount to much if they offer horrible service.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get 3 or 4 quotes from different insurance companies. Write down as much information as possible about each insurer. If the agent or representative is not willing to answer your question it's probably not a good company to buy insurance from. Don't buy from the first insurance company you call!

Check Your Credit History

Some insurers factor in credit history when they calculate their rates. Unresolved issues in your credit history could affect your insurance rates.

Pick Your Car Wisely

The cost of the car, make and model (sometimes even the color) will affect your insurance premiums. If you are buying a new car be sure to check with your insurance company to find out what the insurance for that car will be. If you have an older car and are not financing you can get by with less insurance and save a lot of money.

Ask About Discounts

Ask if there is a safe driver discount if you have a good driving record. If you don't drive much ask about a low-mileage discount. Here is a list of discounts that Insurance Information Institute ( recommends asking providers about.

- $500 deductible
- $1Article Submission,000 deductible
- More than 1 car
- No accidents in 3 years
- No tickets in 2 years
- Drivers over 50-55
- Driver training course
- Defensive driving course
- Anti-theft device
- Low annual mileage
- Air bag
- Anti-lock brakes
- Daytime running lights
- Student with good grades
- Joint auto and homeowners coverage
- College students
- Long-time customer
- Other discounts

There are a lot of discounts that may be available to you but you often have to ask to get them. Create a table with the list above for when you call around. You can find a printable table at to help you keep track of the insurance companies you call.

Accident Prevention Course

Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums if you complete an accident prevention course. Some insurance companies offer as much as a 10% discount.

Reduce Your Coverage

If you are buying your car on time you will be required to have comprehensive coverage but the day that you pay it off you can reduce your coverage and save a lot a money. Less insurance brings more risk but if you are a safe driver the odds are that you can get by with liability and uninsured driver insurance.

Last But Not Least

Drive safe and watch your speed.

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