Cheap Insurance

by : Stone Dupree

There she is stranded alone in the parking lot. Two small children press their noses up against the cold December glass. They're wondering why Mommy is so upset and why they haven't started home.

The woman looks around for someone to help. She wonders, "what happened to my car? It started this morning before we went to the mall."

Does this sound familiar to you? It happened to my wife once. It was really frustrating for both of us. I was out of town on business and we had just recently moved to the area and had no one to call.

Fortunately a good Samaritan came by and helped her. She had one of those portable air compressor and battery charger units in her trunk. She went straight to my wife's car connected the clamps to the terminals and my wife's car started right up.

My wife went on and on about how neat and compact this device was. I decided to look into it further especially since I didn't want her to be in this situation again. It turns out that for around $100 or less (depending on what features and how powerful it is) we could keep one of these gadgets in my wife's trunk. That's cheap insurance to keep yourself or a loved one from being stranded if you ask me.

There are several different makes and models and may offer different options. Here is a summary of some items to look for:

Emergency Starting

For the most bang for your buck get a system that offers the most cranking amps available. Many systems are available that offer between 250 to 375 amps. This high amperage will allow for starting a completely drained battery.

Air Compressor

Although you can buy them without an air compressor having one with your battery charger for your trunk makes sense. For emergencies this device can inflate a flat tire in less than a few minutes. For slow leaks this may buy you a little more mileage to get to the nearest tire service shop. You can use this to inflate your beach toys too!

Work Light

Having both hands free makes hooking up a compressor charger unit less troublesome especially at night. A built in work light is like having a third hand. Just set the charger on the engine or side of the compartment to give light to what you are doing (just make sure to put the charger back on the ground before starting the engine.)

Reverse Polarity Alarm

One of the most important things to be mindful of when using an automotive battery charger is making sure the clamps are connected correctly. Knowing which terminal or post is positive and which is negative is less of an issue with a reverse polarity alarm. This handy indicator may save the battery and lessen the risk of explosion for the user.

If you have loved ones that drive at all, getting a portable air compressor and battery charger really is cheap insurance from getting stranded. There are many kinds available for all budgets and they are simple to use so get one today!