Scrapbooking - First Time

by : Lynn Parker

If you're ready to begin a scrapbooking project, begin by deciding on a theme for your page. Trust your first instinct on which high point of your life to begin with. There are no right or wrong choices because this is your life and your project.

You may begin with a project as large or as small as you feel comfortable with. A few things to start with are photos, newspaper clippings, trinkets such as ribbons, napkins, invitations, announcements or anything you may have connected to the occasion or event surrounding your theme.

When your ready pull out your box of photos and if your like most people all the memorable items you have saved that connect to your photos are stored in a different box some where else in your home. Once you have found both of these collections of items the fun begins as you start your trip down memory lane.

Decide on a few photos and memorable trinkets that represent the occasion you have chosen to display on your first scrapbook page. If you are unsure about using newspaper clippings or anything that you may have only one copy of you can always create extra copies for your display. This could also be a good time to purchase a laminating kit or transparent envelopes to preserve items that you cherish. One of a kind items such as these should be handled very carefully.

To begin your first page, shuffle your photos and arrange the related items around them in a manner that seems to tell a story about the photo. This process will help you determine the number you desire per page. If you decide on using copies for your display then you have the option of altering the size and shape in order to make different selections on page placement.In some cases you can benefit from this option but some may prefer original versions. No matter which you choose the story is told and the reward of the project is satisfied.

I'm sure the excitement is building by now so let's go ahead and start choosing color schemes. If you have children you probably have a large pad of multicolored construction paper in their bedroom. You can use this to experiment with background color for your page. Look around for some old wrapping paper that may have a design on it to accent your arrangement.Place your items on each of these backgrounds to discover how best to enhance your page. This is the area where you can become as creative as you want in order to make your first page one to remember. By using this trial method you can be sure of how you want your page layout to look. This method will also help build your confidence in the technique of scrapbooking without spending money on supplies to experiment with.

Now that you're confident let's go shopping. There are many products available in your local craft stores and discount stores that will get you off to a great beginning. Remember you already know your color scheme and accent desire so that part is easy. Stroll through all the accessories and let your imagination run wild.

This is the beginning of many fun filled hours of scrapbooking.