Your Aromatherapy Baby

by : Angela Power

Children can often challenge usin many ways.? Keeping their health incheck, their emotions in balance and basically just keeping an eye on them canbe an all-consuming task that can test our sanity!? Some years ago B.C (before children), mypartner and I were invited to stay with some friends for a social get together.?While our friends were playing happyfamilies with their one year old daughter, we were discussing how important itis that children not be programmed with fear.?In other words when a child trips over and hurts themselves or getsbitten by an ant in the garden, how important it is to stay calm and be proactivein their care and not reactive.

So during the family barbequewith everyone engrossed in conversation the little baby girl suddenly fell fromsitting at chair height smack onto the patio pavers landing on herforehead.? There was a sickening sound asshe hit the hard surface of the pavement and her screams made us all jump toattention.? The mother quickly bundled upthe infant into her arms and we all gasped though not saying a word.? I told her to stay calm and place her handover the baby’s forehead while I raced upstairs and grabbed my bottle of RomanChamomile essential oil from my overnight bag.?I placed a drop directly onto the baby’s forehead gently massaging it inand held my hand over her forehead for a few minutes staying relaxed andcalm.? Within a short period of time thebaby stopped crying just as one of us realised that the barbeque steaks werestarting to burn. Oh well….

On the plus side, the baby made aremarkable recovery without any bruising or swelling. It just goes to provethat children really do bounce…just kidding! So if you are a mother inparticular, Chamomile is essential for those little emergencies for itssoothing, calmingPsychology Articles, anti-inflammatory effect and is gentle enough for sensitiveskin and other problems such as colic and nappy rash.? On a subtle level chamomile helps us toaccept the help of others. ?Both theGerman and Roman Chamomiles have a myriad of uses for both yourself and yourfamily.