Choosing the Right Convertible Crib For Your Baby

by : Jamie Sward

A crib is an important purchase for any family. There are many things to consider before purchasing a new one, the most important being how long do you want it to last? In this day and age, with the cost of raising a family steadily increasing- you want your crib to last at least a few years, in which case convertible cribs are a great option! Below you will find some important things to consider before purchasing a convertible crib:
  • Select Your Style: Do you have your nursery's color scheme already picked out? Do you already have some fabulous crib bedding chosen? Find convertible cribs that coordinate perfectly with your modern nursery furniture or d├ęcor, or choose something more laid back and casual. Convertible cribs are available in a wide variety of styles, veneers and colors, creating limitless options for your new nursery.
  • Choose Your Features: How long do you want your crib to last? Some cribs are designed to last all throughout childhood, with optional add-ons available to turn the crib into a twin or full size bed, whereas some are only designed to last through a child's toddler years. Planning on adding more brothers and sisters later on? Take this into consideration before purchasing your crib.
  • Safety First: Crib safety is always something parents should consider when purchasing a new crib for their little one. It's important to do your research before making a big purchase like this. Make sure that the material is sturdy and the crib slats are properly positioned in order to ensure safety of the baby.
  • Is The Price Right?: It's definitely smart to have a purchase price in mind when shopping for a convertible crib. Convertible cribs can range in price from moderate to expensive, depending on the brand name and available features. If you are shopping on a budget, try to have a set price range in mind so that you will not stray above and beyond your financial means with regard to buying a crib for your baby's nursery.

Whether you are trying to coordinate your convertible crib with the rest of your modern nursery furniture or if you're simply trying to find the best quality convertible crib for your money-it's important that you make an educated decision. A new crib is a big purchase and potentially one that can help you save money as your family gets older and bigger.