Information on Glass Baby Bottles

by : james dalton

In the past people relied on glass baby bottles to feed their child as there were no plastics available. They were the fixture of any parent who had a newborn child. With the development of plastics in the mid 20th century, it ushered in a new product and glass was pushed to the side. The basis of this article will look at the general information regarding the glass baby bottle, as well as the pros and cons in using them.

There are many people who feel as if glass feeders for babies are the best thing and should be the only thing that they use. This is based on the fact that glass is environmentally friendly and it can be recycled. This means it is renewable and if you are an earth conscious person then this would fit well in your lifestyle. The glass bottles are also very easy to clean and are very dish washer safe. If a plastic bottle is misplaced and the milk inside it spoils, the smell wont leave. This is not so with glass bottles. Retaining heat is a plus that glass bottles have over plastic, this means they can keep warm longer. If placed in extremely hot water, then it can be sterilized very easily

The glass baby bottles are not without their flaws and there are some cons associated with the use of these bottles. Another con associated with the bottles is that since they are made out of glass, they have the potential to break very easily. This means if a baby was to hold the bottle and drop it, it could break and shatter. People also state that if the bottle has a chip or a crack, small shards of glass could find its way into the baby?s food. This could pose as a serious health risk. At almost two times the cost of plastic, Glass is not cheap.

There is one controversy that is causing resurgence in the use of glass feeders. Polyurethane is the main product used in the creation of plastic bottles. There is research that BPA is used in the creation of these bottles and it is beginning to find its way into the food of the child. BPA has been found babies? milk and formula and can pose a health risk, even though people are not sure what the results could be. The chemicals contained in these bottles have some parents worried and you begin to see a shift of people going back to the glass. More people are becoming aware and this results in more people switching to glass.

Glass baby bottles have made a comeback in the 21st century and more and more people are investing in these products to ensure there baby gets the best quality product. There are some pros and cons associated with the use of these products, but the parents should weigh the risks and see the benefits to their child if they used the product. The controversy of BPA in plastic bottles can only reaffirm parents choice to switch.