How to Pamper your Mother on Mothers Day

by : Anne Harvester

Did you know that the day of the year people in the United States are most likely to go out to a restaurant for a meal is Mother's Day? We all want to celebrate our mothers on this special day, and thank them for all that they have done for us. Great Mother's Day gifts you can give to your special matriarch focus on a personalized touch. Personalized Mother's Day gifts say "I love you" and that you care enough to pay attention to all the details of the gifts that will help to make her feel pampered.

Some easy gifts that can be customized to all things that your Mother loves are Mother's Day gift baskets. Every gift item in the basket can be selected with your Mom's particular preferences in mind. This is where the pampering ensues.

Everyone loves food, so why not indulge her sense of taste with a pantheon of gourmet chocolates? Does she prefer milk chocolate, or is dark or white chocolate what she craves? Be sure to include her favorites. Another food item that can be tailored to your Mom's favorites are custom decorated gourmet cookies. The cookies could be a sugar type, chocolate, peanut butter, or any other flavor that makes her smile. Intricate decorations can be made with a royal-type icing, and can look as dainty as lace filigrees. Also, all of her favorite colors can be created through the use of food colors, so those gourmet baked goods will look as good as they taste.

It is always a nice idea to include some non-food items in a gift basket, because food will get eaten quickly but the non-food gifts will last longer, and be a glorious reminder of a pleasant day. One way you can surely pamper your mother is to put together a basket of spa gift-items that she can use in the bath. You might include such things as luxury perfumed soaps and bath gels, a large soft bath sponge, bubble bath, facial masks and scrubs, and any other bathing gifts that will make her feel cared for. Another excellent idea is to put items intended for use in the bath in a colorful plastic basket, that will become a tote for the items and can hold up elegantly in damp conditions.

Everyone has a special array of colors that they like to look at. Be sure to use these colors for every aspect of your Mother's gift basket for another pampering touch. Clear wraps in beautiful shades, layers of color available in the many ribbons and bows used, and artful gift cards will all make your mother feel pampered, and show that you care.