Gourmet Coffee Gifts for Mothers Day

by : Simon Wu

It is that time of year again when we pay tribute to the single, most important lady in our lives--our mom. Mother's day is often a day filled with gifts and activities as we try to make it as special for her as possible. And because mother knows best, she probably does not even want you to go out for your way just to get her something extraordinary or expensive. This may be a good opportunity to introduce her to something simple yet novel--gourmet coffee.

Even if your mother stays at home and does not work, keep in mind that she is kept busy by numerous household chores. Giving her something complicated like electronic items may just end up with the gift being neglected because she simply does not have the time to use it. Food and beverage items are most likely closer to her heart especially if she spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Most reputable coffee vendors pack their products in shiny, well-designed foil bags that make them elegant gifts. Bundling different types in a basket makes the gift even more classy. Aside from being simple and elegant, here are a few more reasons why gourmet coffee makes a wonderful gift for mom:

  • Different flavors to choose from. There is always a coffee flavor to delight anybody's palate--from premium, exotic Hawaiin Kona coffee and Blue Mountain coffee to flavored coffee types to the regular house blends. The choices are many. Some vendors even offer a sampler package where you get a little bit of this and that.

  • Brings out the scientist in mom. Some of the greatest discoveries were made in the kitchen. We will not even attempt to expound on this reason. Just leave it to mom to mix, match, blend, or shake the coffee and come up with one of her amazing kitchen creations.

  • Make her learn something new. Notice how some of those fancy packs of coffee have an entire short story printed at the back? It should make good reading for mom especially when her favorite magazine subscription does not arrive on time.

  • Leaves no mess in her kitchen. All she has to do is open up the bag, scoop out the appropriate amount, pour it in the coffee maker and that is pretty much it.

  • Gives mom something to brag to her friends about. When mom goes out with her group or chats with her friends on the phone, she is sure to tell them about the great new coffee she just discovered, thanks to you.

  • Something handy to serve her visitors. And you can be sure she will let her visitors know who gave her the wonderful coffee.

  • A gift that keeps giving. Mom does not have to think too hard next time she has to give a gift to relatives or friends. She will just give the same kind of coffee you have given her, her relatives and friends will love her for it, and she will be the star.

So as you can see, nothing makes a more versatile gift than gourmet coffee. The challenge for you now is to find out what kind of coffee maker she has, whether she can grind the coffee herself and maybe whether she needs a new coffee mug. Once you have all that information, shopping is the easy part especially if you choose to do it online. Your knowledge and expertise in gourmet coffee will guide you along the way because this time around, you know best.