Halloween Costume Ideas: What Do I Want to be for Halloween?

by : Victoria

So, you have browse through every costume website imaginable and still can't figure out what to be for Halloween. You even have your creative juices flowing and still nothing. Well, you are in the right place because we have Halloween costume ideas to get you and your family ready for trick or treating and Halloween parties. Listed below are Halloween Costume Ideas that will help you pick out a Halloween costume or get your creative juices flowing.

Pop Culture Costumes
Some of the best costumes are inspired from movies, music, cartoons, TVs, and celebrities. The best way to figure out a "pop culture costume" is to look at what is current. Think about what are your favorite movies, tv shows, celebrities, etc. Then, determine if you can create a Halloween costume around it. For example, the summer blockbusters pirate movies have the iconic Jack Sparrow, "The Bride" from Kill Bill, or Jack the Skeleton King from Nightmare before Christmas are easy costume to put together. Or, look at the TV for inspiration such as "I Love Lucy", space ghost, or Scooby Doo characters. You can even listen to music to find inspiration in your Halloween costumes. Some fun music costumes are Elvis, 70's rocker, and country music singer. There is no wrong answer when figuring out a Halloween costume.

For even more creative costumes, think of anything "old school" such as Captain America , Rainbow Bright, or even He-Man. You will sure to be the hit of Halloween party.

Traditional Horror Costumes
Halloween has a reputation for a scary holiday, so you can always embrace it by wearing traditional Halloween horror costumes such as witches, vampires, ghosts, devils, etc. You can even look at horror movies to create your horror costume such as Jason from "Friday the 13th", the reaper costume from "Scream", or Michael Myers from "Halloween." Or, you can create unique horror costumes by take something that is not traditional horror and modify it. For example, you can be an evil Tinkerbell, dead prince charming, or sexy "Freddy Krueger". Just keep brainstorming to think of different costume combinations.

Classical Halloween Costumes
If you don't want to be anything scary, there are plenty of classical Halloween costumes that never go out of style. Some fun costumes are pirates, princesses, kings, queens, flappers, ninjas, etc. You can always put a spin on classic Halloween costumes such as a sexy tin girl, a jail bird bride, or a tooth fairy. Just let your imagination guide you to your costume.

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