Free Things to do with Family

by : Denise Lombardo

Why everything is so expensive today?.
Taking your child to the movies has turned into an event that you must save for. Even if you plan a day with great intentions of not spending a fortune, it can easily backfire.

For example, Chuckee Cheese. I've personally taken my children there and said to myself, 'Okay, I am not going to spend more than $30.00 today'. When it comes down to it, I've got two choices when the end is near. Either I will go over my planned budget or two children will be crying because they don't want to leave. (Thirty dollars does not go far at Chuckee Cheese). So in the end, I leave frustrated, my kids are disappointed and they whole day is shot.

Free Things to do with Family
Quite honestly, it doesn't need to be that way. For families living on a budget, there are many ways to show your children a good time without taking a second mortgage on the house to do so.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go to the park
    Kids love to play at the park and it doesn't cost a penny. Find a nice park near your house, pack a picnic basket, bring a soccer ball and enjoy the day. 
  • Go to your local library
    Most libraries offer programs for the children. While you are there, take out books and also videos. The videos are free.
  • Family Fun Night
    Find a night during the week when everyone is available and spend quality time together. Play board games, cards, watch a movie (of course, one that you took out from the library), read, do whatever you want. 
  • Home Depot Workshop
    The program is free for children. Your child will get a Home Depot apron and will build a project they will take home. The workshops are held on a monthly basis. Call your local store for details and scheduling. 
  • Rainy day fun
    Do something crazy. Do you remember being a child and wanting to play in the rain. Well here's your chance. Put raincoats on, grab your umbrellas and have some fun. Bring the camera because you are going to want a picture of this.
  • Go hiking
    Take your child on a nature walk. Kids love the outdoors and there's something special about exploring nature together. 
  • Go for a walk
    Just taking your child for a walk around the block can be special. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk and enjoy the little things in life such as the changing leaves, an animal behind a fence or even a car that drove by real fast. 
  • Turn the music on
    When is the last time you danced around the house with your children. What are you waiting for? Turn the music on and have a great time. You may surprise yourself at how much fun you'll have.

All of these ideas are simple, fun and free. The special part about doing the simple things in life is they create the best memories for you and your children. Isn't that what this is all about? Creating memories for our children.

The little things you do now may end up being that one memory your child will take with them forever. Fortunately, memories are free.