Moms Are Women First

by : Renee Michaels

Being a mom is but one of the many daily roles a mother performs and as this dominates her life, it may be difficult even for her to remember all the woman she is. While she is undoubtedly proud of her contributions to her family, she probably doesn’t have the time and energy to pamper her inner and outer woman.

Mom looks in the mirror, sighs, and wishes she had just ten more minutes to style her hair or apply makeup. She looks at her clothes and wishes for the time to shop for something pretty to add to her wardrobe. Or an hour once a week to take a yoga or exercise class to soothe her spirit.

She puts this thought aside for the 1,001st time, and moves on to do the laundry, wash the dishes, go grocery shopping, prepare meals, pick up the kids at school, drive them to a sports practice or music lesson, or juggles a job outside as well as her mom’s job.

Mom’s the hub of a family, whether she’s married or a single mom. But she’s a woman first, so this Mothers Day, why not give her a unique gift to show you honor all that she is, whether you are her children or husband? Just imagine how her eyes will light up and how delighted she’ll be when she knows her family realizes and cares about a side of her that she has neglected to take care of you.

Husbands can give her a special romantic gift

  • Send her a love letter or poem that tells her how you appreciate her as a woman
  • Give her sexy lingerie
  • Treat her to a day at a spa then take her out to a romantic dinner separate from your family’s Mothers Day celebration
  • Give her a “total makeover" and then have a photographer take glamorous photos of her. Buy a frame to prominently display the best photo
  • Give her a romantic gift in front of the family so they know how much you love her as a woman. Do a special presentation, what about serenading her with a karaoke tune and giving her your own bouquet of flowers?

Let her know that you still care about her and your relationship apart from the kids. Hey, this is not only for your wife, you’ll receive very sweet dividends from this!

Children can give her “pamper yourself" gifts

  • Chip in to buy a gift certificate to a spa, make a homemade banner, “We love our beautiful mom!" and hang on the wall over the dinner table
  • Pay for a course that she’s been yearning to take
  • What about a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store? With strict orders that she has to use it to buy something only for herself
  • She will especially love this one: make up personal chore coupons that she can use to ask for extra chores to be done so she has the time to do something she enjoys or just “quiet" time.
  • If your family has a great sense of humor, wrap your Mothers Day gift in a disposable diaper and tell her “You pampered usFree Web Content, now we’re pampering you!"

Show Mom on Mothers Day that you appreciate and love the total woman she is and she will be forever grateful.