Is YTB A Network Marketing Scam

by : ethom

Before we get into if YTB is a Network Marketing scam we should first define the word scam. According to the dictionary's definition, a scam is a fraudulent scheme for making a quick profit. And what about network marketing in general, is the entire industry fooling people into thinking that they can get into a business and start making lots of money quickly?

Network Marketing is basically another way for companies to get their products out to the market. Replacing certain marketing efforts with independent distributors saves companies millions while growing the business with consistent and devoted customers. People are rewarded for telling others about the product and services of a company, which is a clever way for a company to quickly grow. Why not empower others while empowering yourself? When was the last time you were paid for telling your spouse about a great restaurant you visited with your co-workers at lunch?

YTB is a company which promotes everything related to travel. YTB's independent distributors or RTAs (Referring Travel Agents) maintain and advertise their own travel booking sites, just like you have Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. In fact, Travelocity is the back engine of all of YTB's travel booking sites. Anything booked on the site is commissioned to YTB and shared with the RTAs. So, for individuals to be rewarded they should generate activity on their travel sites.

There have been bad companies out there but from what I have seen there are more good than bad. These companies require individuals to operate their individual distributorships as real businesses. There is nothing easy or immediate about being a part of a company as an independent representative. Individuals have to support and educate on a consistent basis, which are the same tasks that are necessary to excel in other entrepreneurial ventures.

And YTB is no different. Once you are a part of YTB your job as a business owner is to support and educate those that are interested in traveling or are interested in building a business. This requires your time and energy and for you to conduct yourself which is representative of the company. It is suggested that you continuously educate yourself and stay abreast of the changing tides within the industry so that you are competent about your business.

Network Marketing is an economical way for anyone to start a business. Most brick and mortar businesses will require you to put up a substantial amount of money as start up without even guaranteeing that you will get a decent return on your investment. True, a network marketing business also does not guarantee anything but the start up cost is significantly lower and if ran correctly a person could make the income of a pro athlete.

YTB has gotten some mud thrown at it and I am sure that as it grows in other countries there will be much more. But it must be noted that there are also major companies which are seeking YTB out for partnerships. These companies have their reputations to uphold and wouldn't make major decisions like these if they didn't see any potential there.

Those at the top are always targeted for slander, Martin Luther King was, J.F.K was, numerous sports and entertainment celebrities were, and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that this company is being run by ex-marketers who sincerely want to see others grow as the company grows.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens when the company gets into other regions. If you are a traveler, even slightly, and you are not benefiting from it…shame on you.