Custom Bumper Stickers: A Great Activity for Kids

by : Tim Leary

There is one activity that many people might overlook when it comes to allowing kids to express themselves:  Making customized bumper stickers is a great mixture of art, graphic design and technology.  The best part is, kids at any level of ability can do it with the "You Custom Bumper Sticker Maker" (  There are so many uses that will allow kids to use this program; it's almost a no-brainer:

1. They can make bumper stickers to promote a school election campaign.  Students can put the bumper sticker on their backpacks, folders, binders and cars.  Teacher might even put the bumper stickers up in their classrooms to promote the idea of democracy.

2. Students can express short poems, slang or other short sayings they often say or think is "cool". 

3. Student groups can make up bumper stickers to use as fundraisers. Depending on the group, there are many options of types of bumper stickers to make and they can sell them at the events.  Since they make them themselves, the prices are low and sale prices can be low as well.  In fact, making several different varieties of bumper stickers can boost sales as well.

4. Students can make bumper stickers to show appreciation to their teachers at the end of the term or school year.  They can simply say things like "Great Teacher Zone!" or "Thanks for Everything" or highlight a funny saying or quote that the teacher is known for. 

5. Student sports teams like to generate school spirit and one way to do that is to promote the team and sport with bumper stickers.  Since many students use the bumper stickers in places other than their bumpers, they can contain more information such as a sport schedule, team roster or a popular cheer or chant.  Others should be made specifically for the bumper and contain simply the mascot name and sport.  These can be sold or just given away to promote the sport.

6. Students can make personal bumper stickers to express their favorites – whether it’s a class, subject, sport, song, musical group or team it can be made into a bumper sticker.  Even better, when they change their minds they can just make a new one!

7. Parents and teachers can use the bumper sticker maker to make awards when students and children reach specific goals.

The bumper sticker maker has so many possibilities.  These are just a few, but when given to children, they can use their imaginations and come up with a ton of great uses in addition to these. 

By: Tim Leary