Christian Kids Music Extravaganza: Fun with Musical Crafts

by : Ameerah Lewis

All kids love music.? That is why Christian kid's music is so important.? It allows your children to praise God in a way that comes naturally to them.One of the most important parts of a Christian's walk with God is the time they spend in His presence. For many of us, the first time that we ever felt the presence of God was while we were coming before Him in worship.? Doing praise and worship with your kids allows them to feel God's Spirit, even at a young age.? It also teaches them that praising God isn't just something we do on Sunday, but all week long!The key to sharing your love for praising God with your children is to keep it fun!? Your kids will grow to love spending time with God, instead of thinking of it as a religious obligation or, worse, resenting it.A great way to add extra FUN into your kid's praise time, is to let them make a few musical instruments of their own.? Musical crafts are tons of fun, and they are something that you can do together as a family.If you have more than one small child, have each one make a different instrument.? Then, you'll have your very own Christian Praise Band!Let The Praise Party Begin!Here are two Christian kid's music crafts that you and your children will enjoy.Turn an Oatmeal box into a Praise Drum!Here is What You'll Need:
  • For decorating: markers, crayons, glitter or finger paints
  • An empty oatmeal box or coffee can (one with a plastic lid)
  • A glue stick
  • Colored construction paper
  1. Take out a piece of construction paper, and let your child draw pictures that remind them of God's love and glory.
  2. Help them put glue on the back of their picture, and secure it around the outside of their can to decorate their drum.
  3. Then, they put the lid back on their can.? The lid is what makes their Praise Drum sound like a real drum.
Now that their praise drum is finished, your child can use it in many ways.? They can beat it with their hands. Use 2 rulers as their drum sticks, or even bang on it with wooden spoons.? Either way, it will let your kids make a joyful noise to the Lord!Turn an Empty Roll of Paper Towels Into a Praise Banner!Here is What You'll Need:
  • Colored construction paper
  • Markers, crayons, glitter or finger paints for decorating
  • An empty roll of paper towels
  • A single hole punch
  • A glue stick
  • 10 Ribbons
  1. Take out a piece of construction paper, and let your child draw pictures that remind them of God's love and glory.
  2. Then, help them glue their construction paper around their paper towel roll to decorate their banner's handle.? The construction paper will overlap some.
  3. Using a single hole punch, make 10 holes around the rim of the paper towel roll.
  4. Take their first ribbon, and thread it through one of the holes, pulling it through until both sides are about the same length.
  5. Make a knot in the ribbon to secure it to the roll.? Then let your child try to duplicate what you did with the other 9 ribbons.
?And, now you have a beautiful praise banner.? As you play Christian kid's music, let your child run around and wave their banner in praise to God!Your homemade praise drum and banner are great additions to any child's praise and worship time.? They make worshiping the Lord fun.Take the time to do this children's Bible activity with your child todayBusiness Management Articles, and invest in their spiritual future! ??