Science Activites for parents teens

by : Chris Lowrey

Parents and kids alike are often fascinated with Outer Space.? Hollywood has made much of the mystery which gives the kids even more of an active imagination.? There are many intriguing theories and having these discussions with your children often brings intellectual conversations, and more importantly, memory building bonding moments.? Share the mystery of the night sky with your children.

??????????? The theories of UFO's become more popular year after year. Some people use their science-fiction minds to place them as alien-beings visiting from space. Some people use their politically charged minds and see them as secret government experiments, either from the U.S. or rival countries spying on us. But when did this craze start? And what might these strange objects really be?

??????????? There have been cave drawings of UFO's since 47,000 BC. These drawings from the cavemen are found all around the world. Even the Old Testament of the Bible says that Ezekiel saw a fiery chariot in the sky. Leonardo Da Vinci reported seeing a UFO in the sky and incorporated it in a few of his paintings.

??????????? But it wasn't until 1947 that the 'flying saucer' theory and the current craze came into play. On June 14th, pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted 9 circular shaped flying objects near Mt. Rainer. He reported he opened his window from his airplane, in case it was just a reflection, and the objects were still there, moving at a remarkable speed. He said it had no tail and was as flat as a pie pan. After reporting this, overwhelming reports of UFO's began. Thus, the craze and the theories of what these things are became born. The government disregarded Kenneth Arnold's experience as a mirage.

??????????? So, aside from the popular extraterrestrial theories, what can these phenomenons actually be?

??????????? There is a theory being studied and close to being proven of balls of lightening. The theory is that instead of lightning coming to the ground, it can sometimes bundle into a ball. And instead of it being a flash like most lightening, this ball floats and maneuvers a little before disappearing. This can also easily be mistaken for an object in the sky, especially since most UFO reports claim them as being bright and glowing.

??????????? Another fascinating theory is bugs!? Insects can absorb natural bioluminescence from certain types of fungi. When insects travel in a heard or bundle together, it can give off a glowing, floating and strange appearance. Some species of owls also have a natural bioluminescence that can give a similar appearance. Witnessing this can easily be mistaken for something mysterious in the sky.

??????????? Also, natural gases from the ground can cause balls of light in the sky. Certain spots, especially near mountains, contain a mixture of elements that can cause strange lights. Depending on where you are standing, this can look like a floating light, like the Marfa lights in Texas.

??????????? There are several of scientific and meteorological explanations for these UFO phenomenon, but let’s face it, they’re just not as entertaining! Imagine all the weird theories people had about lightening before science proved what it really is. And, no one really wants to watch movies about how gases made the UFO's, its cooler to see alien invasions that give you a little rush of excitement.

Until such time as science can prove anything, keep your mind open to explanations because we still don't know what they are.... They could very well just be little green men!