Groomed Rooms for Kids

by : Dolina Munro

Creating a beautiful and safe environment for your child has never been easier. Twinkling lights, multi-coloured bulbs and glittering night lights can transform a normal bedroom into an enticing zone which will capture your kids' imagination, making them feel happy and safe.

There's no need for your kids to wake up in the night frightened of monsters under the bed, ghosts in the wardrobe or witches in the toy box any more.

The scary shadows which lurk in the corner of the room can be banished by glimmering night lights, and colourful bulbs which will reassure your little ones whilst spreading a pretty glow throughout the room.

It's an age old fact that children love having a personal space stamped with their own individual style. That's why today's children's furniture market is oozing with eye-catching children's beds, lamps and accessories which are designed for a range of ages, tastes and budgets. Distract your child from the pull of TV, DVDs and computer games and encourage them to enjoy their bedroom as a place to read, play and make believe in comfort and style. By taking time with your child to make their room special, they may prefer to spend time in their own unique environment away from the glare of mind numbing TV shows and repetitive computer games.

The stresses of a busy day at school, travel and after school clubs all take their toll on children. By choosing cosy beds with feel good fabrics in calming colours and captivating lights you'll be giving your young ones a gorgeous place to unwind and relax at the end of the day. What's more, a beautifully lit comfortable bedroom is a great place for your kids to concentrate on homework away from other less productive distractions. Good news for everyone!

It's not only school children who can benefit from specially chosen children's furniture such as beds and lights. Parents can help banish the bedtime blues by adding a little magic to their toddler's bedroom. Every child will test their parent's patience by using excuses to stay up a little bit later. While tears and tantrums may be part of growing up, it doesn't have to be that way every time you mention the words ' bed time!' Your sweet faced angel needn't turn into a red faced devil whenever the time comes to put on their pyjamas. With such a huge range of plush, attractive beds available on the children's market your little darlings should be dieing to get under the covers and count sheep in no time.

There are so many ways you can add texture, colour and style to your little one's room, giving them good reason to spend time there. Not only will your kids be delighted to chill out in a space which screams comfort and personality but you will have more time for you! At the end of a busy day that can't be a bad thing can it?