Retired,dont be Tired

by : James Karuga

Life has three phases the past the present the future. We work today, to make a better tomorrow. Our past is responsible for where we are today, but our past is not responsible for where we will be tomorrow. With all that in mind I view ambitions as ignoring the past. If it was wretched I roll up my sleeves and work now to make my future better. It is evident that the more time passes the more opportunities pass and the more we come to new opportunities. I have been thinking what if I viewed my life differently. Ignoring the past successes repair the past messes then I perfect my now moment. Then when advanced age knocks on my life I view it as the apex of my life. Just like a business man operates. There was a time he was toiling trying to make a dime, and have a lucky break while past demons of failure were trying to torment him telling him he can't make it in life. Then it happened he made it and made it big.

Now putting this idea into age factor I see it in this context. Retirement knocks at the door instead of panicking and going down past memory lane whether good or bad, reload. When opening a page on the internet and it gets static or stuck, you just click on reload or refresh button. Then bingo the page reloads and it is displayed afresh and not stuck initially. Now lets not forget the page is still the old page you were opening but a fresh bust of energy has been applied and the page opens. Despite the age factor ambitions don't die, ambitions are driven by passion not time or age. I view retirement as that time where a person has time to reflect on the future, rather than deflecting on the vain rhetoric that retirees are an exhausted breed. Please! With a bust of energy of passion a retiree can be reloaded and go on to do great exploits that baffle the so called young breeds.

I am convinced it is possible for a retiree to view his current life as the apex of achievement and mettle. How many vibrant people never could handle pressure during their working days and they gave up on life even before hitting 45. They quit and some ended it all, while others numbed their pain through drugs. Any person who is a retiree deserves a pat on the back. He is a plethora of toughness, otherwise how can you explain his ability to survive all those years working without throwing in the towel, and running naked and bonkers on the streets due to work related stress.

I have studied the word retiree and concluded, this is not just any word, and it is a title of the few who with their unbending will managed to remain unmoved and unperturbed by the excesses of life to reach an age of retirement. Hence I have come to view retirement as the icing on the cake for those chosen few. Here RETIREE is abbreviated:

Ready to face life without fear

Extreme enough to dare not give up

Tough to the point of being risky but wise

Incisive enough to solve complex problems

Resilient enough to not be wearied out by temporary set backs

Extraordinarily, views aging as a door of new exploits and opportunity.

Excellent to the point of silencing critics through exploits.

With all of the above characteristics it would not be hard to see why soon a phrase might be coined saying life begins at retirement. Time and age should not be a deterrent to doing exploits. Age is just but a number and living is added up when you follow your dreams. My view is retirement is freedom from mediocrity of routine to entry of adventure called life on a new perspective. Hey come on, take advantage of your now moment and explore new ventures.