Three Truths About Test Taking Your Child Needs To Know

by : Nico00

When students review with a teacher or sit through a class the day before the test, they treat it like any other day.

For the kids that fool around, they'll do that. For the kids that space out, they'll do that. And for the kids that pay attention, they'll do that.

What no one seems to pick up on are the subtle tips teachers give to students that highlight important parts of the material. Important tips that the teacher probably repeats more than once.

Important as's going to be on the test you knucklehead so pay attention!

Of course, as teachers we will never come right out and say that. But it happens in every class. Teachers are giving out clues that scream "Study Me!" at the top of their lungs.

And students? Well, they hear it as just more noise that doesn't sound as nice as their ipod.

So, for the parents out there that would like their kids to have an edge at test time, here are three things your child can be aware of that will automatically boost their grades, assuming that they study.

1 - Take very careful notes the day before a test. If the teacher talks about a topic, it will be on the test. If you ask a question and the teacher doesn't pay much attention to it, you probably won't see it on the test. Try to notice what the teacher keeps referring to. You'll see the same topics come up on the test the next day.

2 - Ask questions. Find out if the test is going to be similar to the ones you've taken so far. If not, how will it be set up? What about material that you consider unimportant. Ask the teacher and see if they feel it is unimportant as well. Also, look at quizzes you've taken leading up to the test. Many times a teacher will use the same questions on the test itself.

3 - Go see the teacher the day before the test for extra help. You will get even more information, sometimes the actual test questions, if you stay for extra help the day before. Teachers like kids that stay after trying to get help (unless you're a screwball that wasn't paying attention in class...then forget it!). But, by and large, if you show interest and stay after, you're going to get a goldmine of insider information.

You see, teachers want their students to do well. No teacher sets out to trick students so that they do poorly. Yet, teachers can't openly tell you what you want to hear (What's on the test?). They do, however, tell you in very subtle ways that can save you time and get you better grades.

Just look for the clues and I'm sure you'll see for yourself.