Internet Business and Transformation

by : wolney

Everybody, all internet sailed searching business oriented chances loads to a strong desire: to increase its income. Some more than this, or either, they desire to change life, to work in a more pleasant way.

I particularly have this yearning. I interpret this as a dream. To dream is a basic requirement of the human being. We dream with good feeding, a good car, a good house, and international trips. These are a very common behavior for who types and click searching for a home business, mainly made from its own house.

Thus, to dream of new material and incorporeal objects highly is related to dream of quality of life.

However, is the internet trustworthy to invest in a proper business? Is It a tool to carry through our dreams? The impersonality of the virtual relations in does not give fear to them in passing the number of our credit card? I believe so. It is really a risk.

However, to take risks is a quality of entrepreneurs. To take risks means to operate transformations in our social relations and us. This means to make mutations.

Metaphorically the mutations happen in a three different ways: occasionally, from the presence of an external agent, and can be induced. Below I will relate these meanings with the art of make businesses online.

In a business language, the occasional mutation means the instantaneous, transitory modifications that we suffer being ahead the new. Fast modifications, perhaps with no sense, without a regularity, a mutant regularity. An example: I know a kind of business, sign contract, pay adhesion tax and in one week I give up exactly. What is worse: start to think and to say that the business does not work.

These mutations are very frequent in the life of the great majority of the people who dream, want to make something different, but they are not persistent.

The presence of an external agent makes easier a second type of mutations. It happens when we begin a new business and we have somebody that guide, motivate and leads us in the accomplishment of the business. In online businesses, I believe that it is when somebody believes us and periodically invite us to evaluate its business, offers indications of readings, invite for events, etc. In this kind of individual mutation, the person goes beyond the transitory modifications that occur in the occasional mutations.

The induced mutation, the third form, is that one that exceeds the moment inspiration, participates of the sharing of information of a sponsor and assumes the commitment to follow a plan, a program, an enterprise planning.

I believe that to make money online we experiment these 3 mutations. Not necessarily in linear order 1, 2 and 3. We might know an excellent program to make money online and simply do not have persistence keep it going. To try these mutations means make and not to make mistakes. It means to take risks and to try to be different, to conquer something different.