Develop Your Childs Genius

by : Esther Andrews

Develop Your Child's Genius

Reading whole pages at a time and remembering the material in detail. Solving problems in a creative and totally new ways. Learning new subjects easily and quickly. Focusing on an activity without giving in to any distractions. Knowing the subject better than anybody else. Coming up with new concepts and ideas easily and quickly. Inventing new tools and instruments that help change the world. All those great skills are identifiers of a genius.

In the last few years, research into the brain’s development and functions has increased significantly, and new discoveries have taken place, mainly due to new technology that is now available for the first time.

It used to be “common knowledge" that the neural connections in the brain grow rapidly when we are infants, slow down later, and finally come to their “peak" when we reach adulthood. People used to think that after that, our brain cells and neural connections, actually start diminishing until “old age" sets in, and we lose our brain capacity.

In the recent years it has been proven, that the brain actually develops new neural connections constantly, and keeps doing so until the day we die. The trigger for developing these new neural connections is brain activity. This is very good news to all of us, who passed our teenage years.

Tools and techniques to increase an individual’s IQ are being discovered constantly. Using the information from recent research, many new theories and techniques have been developed.

The best time to start developing a strong intelligence, is in infancy, because that provides for a lifetime of developing activity. However, these techniques and methods are effective at any age.

Let’s discuss just a few of the ideas that have been suggested in recent research:

Left-right brain connection: there has been a lot of discussion about the theory that the left part of the brain and the right part of the brain are responsible for different functions. I have seen many theories, among them the suggestion that the left brain is the analytical one, while the right brain is the creative one. Another suggestion that has been brought up is that the left brain is responsible for language skills, while the right brain is responsible for “thinking in pictures". Whatever the theory, it has been proven to be beneficial to fortify the connection between both parts of the brain, so that a person can combine the different skills in problem solving and in everyday life.

Techniques to strengthen the connection between the right brain and the left brain, include everything that has to do with the “cross type coordination" movement, all movement that involves the left arm right leg and right arm left leg coordination in turns, for example crawling, walking freely without carrying anything. You may have heard the opinion that a child that has not crawled, will have problems with gross motor skills later in life. Crawling is very beneficial, even for adults. Swimming, is another great activity. Swimming has been proven to be a superior exercise for all ages, infants to adults. Diving under water at some depth and gradually increasing the time interval, increases lung capacity and the capacity of the blood vessels to the brain. It has been proven to have a profound effect on the ability to focus and on the IQ. Another activity that only few people know about, and that proves to be extremely effective, is practicing writing with the weak hand. If you are right handed, practice writing with your left hand, a few minutes a day. If you are left handed, practice writing with your right hand. Drumming is another beneficial activity, that helps strengthen the connection between the right and the left brain.

Many other methods and techniques have been discovered that help in brain development, no matter what the age.

In the last 26 years, I have studied this subject and observed hundreds of kids (including my own). I have developed my own methods and believe that if you gave me a child, no matter what background or origin, I could turn it into a genius.

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