Your Child: Developing Into A Well Rounded Adult

by : Donald Saunders

Although there are many advantages to being an only child, one disadvantage is that only children can face difficulties in developing the skills that are needed to relate to and interact with others once they find themselves entering the adult world. For this reason it is important for parents of only children to start preparing their child for this from an early age.

Here are seven tips to set your only child on the right path.

Tip 1. An excellent way of start the process of loosening your child’s reliance on you and introducing him to other children in a safe and stimulating environment is to enroll him in a kindergarten. This also has the added advantage of easing him into school when the time comes.

Tip 2. Invite other children into your house so that your child has the chance to get used to interacting with other children in a safe and familiar environment.

Tip 3. If your child is having difficulty in relating to other children try to encourage him to develop a friendship with just one child initially and, once this friendship is established, gradually lead him in the direction of widening his circle of friends.

Tip 4. Choosing a school for your child can be difficult at the best of times but, when it comes to selecting a school for an only child, try to select a school in the immediate neighborhood so that your child will have friends who are close at hand.

Tip 5. When planning a family holiday try to ensure that you stay somewhere where there will be other children of your own child’s age. Alternatively, consider arranging for another child to join you on holiday or team up with another family for a joint holiday.

Tip 6. If your child seems happy to enjoy solitary pastimes such as reading you may be tempted to try to discourage him from spending so much time reading and to push him towards other more sociable activities, such as sport. Rather than following this route, work with your child’s interest and encourage him to broaden his interest into a group environment, in this case by perhaps joining a reading group.

Tip 7. If your child shows little interest in team sports or group activities then try to gently encourage him in that direction. Great care is needed here however and you should move slowly ensuring that your child follows your lead willinglyPsychology Articles, rather than reluctantly. At all costs however avoid the mistake of pushing your child into something that he really doesn’t want to do.