9 Fun Ways to Potty Train your Child

by : Sue Jan

* Give your child a lot of fluids so that he has to go to the potty more often. The more often he goes, the quicker the child will be potty trained, and the more he will be trained to hold it in.

* If your child looks like she wants to go, then take the child to the potty every thirty minutes or so until he pees.

* If the child does not urinate right away, have him remain seated on the potty for a couple of minutes and maybe read a book together until he is ready to pee. You could also try placing his feet in warm water or turning on the faucet to encourage him to pee.

* Have your child look at learning aids such as books, videos and DVDs as they are an educational and fun introduction to potty training.

* Play games such as the blue and yellow make green game. Put some drops of blue food coloring into the toilet water, have your child urinate and he will see the water turn green much to the child's delight.

* Drop a couple of cheerios cereal into the toilet water and have your child aim and pee at them.

* Use charts and stickers to positively encourage and reinforce the habit. You can give stickers to your child for going to the potty, sitting on the potty, peeing successfully into the potty, or for been accident-free

* Use potty training toys such as musical potty chairs that play tunes when your child uses the potty, or potty training watches that vibrate at a set time to remind your child that it's potty time.

* Get rid of the diapers and put toilet training pants on your child for easier toilet training.