Daycare Toys

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Quality education and teaching is very important to the mental health and growth of children. The brain of a child is very much like a sponge that can absorb enormous quantities of information. The more it absorbs, the more the brain expands as they grow. It is because of this, that daycare toys are so important at an early age for purposes of teaching.

Children often learn to identify items, colors and people on their own. However, a formal introduction i.e.: "This is a chair. This is the color blue. Etc", will always help them identify objects and the uses for which they exist. The children will grasp fundamental skills faster.

Special daycare toys of different colors, shapes, sizes and purposes were first introduced to the child care sector. However, the daycare toys available to children today are a far cry from the sandbox, monkey bars, wooden building blocks and rocking horses of a few years ago.

Today, not only do some companies specialize in the production of daycare toys but also mass produce them. The daycare toys themselves include such diverse items as play sets, pianos, easels, clocks, miniature ATM banks, talking microphones that improve speech and a truly amazing array of electronic and computer games/ toys.

Amidst all this sophistication, it is of course comforting to realize that simple wooden railway sets, alphabet/ number blocks, finger paint packs and coloring books are also still much in demand.

It has been proven that daycare toys increase self-confidence, coordination, language skills and creativity while also contributing to the emotional well being of children. As they grow older, children can also be introduced to electronic, computer, magnetic and a myriad of other educational daycare toys.

The best way and most enjoyable way to learn is through fun and games. This is especially true in the case of children who do not think it worth their while to spend time on anything that cannot hold their attention. This reason, together with advancing technology has led to previously undreamt of innovations in daycare toys.

In fact, daycare toys in shops, care centers and homes have now spread to virtually every field imaginable. Any shopping mall or toy shop worth their salt will have puzzles, classic toys, activity centre toys, sports 'n science toys, painting, building 'n musical toys, electronic 'n computer toys and the tried and tested old wooden toys.

Educational Daycare Toys for older children cover a wide range of subjects from math, science, geography and reading to a number of other subjects. Kids need toys to play with for fun. They also need to learn as much as they can. This being the case, daycare toys would be the best way to combine fun and learning in one digestible package.