Daycare Equipment

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

A day care center is a place where we tend to leave our young pre-school children. To help these children feel comfortable there are many items that is there mainly for the care of these pre-schoolers. The many daycare equipment that you will find in these places can indicate the level of care you can expect to see at these daycare centers. You should understand that the furniture will not be oak or glass. These furniture and equipment will be chosen with an eye to the preferences of children

The main equipment you should expect to see if that of toys. These toys will be large enough so that no young toddler will be able to swallow these toys by accident. Speaking of accidents these can and will happen. For this reason all of the toys are either the soft toy type of else they are sturdy plastic. The colors will be bright pastels. The color combination will draw your young child to investigate these toys.

The toys which are part of the daycare equipment will be chosen to stimulate their curiosity and manual dexterity. For instance on a number of medium height tables there will be a brightly colored plastic mats. The mats will have plastic rolling pins, cookie cutters, and blunt edged scissors.

You will also see lots of brightly colored crayons and marker pens as well as stacks of paper. This is the area where the art work daycare equipment is kept. Usually to hold the other items that children will need to stimulate their interest a sturdy shelving unit will be found in that vicinity.

While some of the children may not be able to read they do enjoy looking at pictures in books. For this reason the child height book shelves will be of the right height for the young children to come and pick their choice of books up.

This area will have large cushions and comfortable chairs for the children to sit down in. For the rest of the library daycare equipment you may see a large and very plush carpet for the children who wish to lie down and read to have this facility.

To help the children rest during their break period the daycare equipment that is chosen will be well made nap mats. These nap mats will be made of material that is soft enough for a child to sleep on but they are also child safe. The pillows which are also given to the children are designed to allow them a restful nap.

All of these items are ones that you will find in just about every daycare. Some of the items will look different but they all serve the same purpose. Daycare equipment is chosen to be sturdy and useable by small fingers. They are safe and yet interesting enough to encourage a child's interest. The daycare centers which choose their daycare equipment with care is the place where you want to send your child.