Finding Reliable Home Daycares Run by Child Care Providers

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Cares and worries, abandon them for 6 - 12 blissful hours each day. Why? Because daycares have now been established in easily accessible locations. You will find these daycare centers in almost every state and neighborhood for the sole purpose of relieving harassed, irritable, working parents of their charges.

Daycares seldom charge parents exorbitant sums of money for the care of their offspring (seldom being the key word), but after a few days of looking after a rambunctious toddler or two or three, all of whom you could cheerfully strangle at the end of the day, one just looks upon daycare as an invaluable, convenient service indispensable to one's comfort.

Most daycares, even some of the home based daycares, are licensed. And all of them have policies regarding the number of children assigned per minder. They also have rules governing sickness, emergencies and child education. All daycares should have at least 5/6 satisfied referees (at least 3 of whom should be contacted prior to enrolment at the centre).

Other points that should be checked out to your satisfaction include staff training, educational activities for children, and safety of playing areas inside and outside the centre. And, last but not least, the daily/ weekly / monthly cost. Not withstanding all the cracks about expensive fees, you would understandably want a centre within your price range.

However, parents operating on a tight budget can also avail themselves of free daycare services provided by the government, churches and other institutions. These daycares operate on donations and charge parents only a small nominal fee, if at all. There's rarely any difference in the quality of services/ facilities provided by non profit and profit based daycares.

There are also many reliable home daycares run by child care providers from their homes. Home based daycares generally care for a limited number of children at one time. They are supervised by a central local agency and have the care they are giving, monitored by an agency supervisor who visits their homes from time to time.

Daycares generally accept children anywhere from 3 and 6 years of age and care for their mental and physical education right up until they enter kindergarten. Some daycares even accept children who are younger than 3.

Finding a daycare that meets the individual needs of the child will always be helpful in the long run. These daycares help children settle in faster and keep them happy in their new environment. Happiness is of paramount importance in averting potential public relations disasters (like the tantrum of a child screaming about ugly old teachers who are just like Timmy, the frog).