Choosing the Right Rug for Your Childs Room

by : Mei Galang

Rugs are bought and used at home for a variety or reasons but commonly for decoration or functionality. As parents, we would like to provide a comfortable room for our child which can be conducive for resting, playing and studying. Typically a child would often do their activities on their room while sitting on the floor and to make it convenient for them we can add a rug in their rooms.

Rugs on kid's rooms is such a convenience because it can help them and their clothes kept clean. They can go on with their play or study activities without parents worrying that they'll get sick or uncomfortable from cold floor. Another purpose of a rug is it can add a playful mood in the room by adding a bright colored rug.

Below are 5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Child's Room

1. Spotting the right design.
The right rug design is relative to everyone's perspective and taste. The kid's rug design should fit and complement the overall theme or style of the room. It should also be appropriate for the interest of the child staying in the room like having a basketball inspired rug for a sports enthusiast kid. When choosing the right design, think of the child's room and the personality of your child. Aside from it's function, rugs can stimulate imagination for your young kid.

2. Choosing the right color.
Aside from design or rug's graphics, colors can catch the kid's attention. Typical kid's rugs are bright colored because it can help set a playful or happy mood on their room. The color of the room is also a factor to consider to make sure that the rug does not overwhelm the room or appear like a misplaced item.

3. Shape and size matter
Kid's rugs aren't limited to basic shapes like square, oval, rectangular, etc. There are a lot of available rugs tailor made for kids that come in shapes that children will enjoy like their favorite cartoon character. It also come in different sizes, your decision on choosing the right size will depend on the size of the area where it will be placed.

4. Materials
Rugs for kids can be made of materials like polypropylene, latex, cotton, jute, wool or synthetic fibers. The most recommended are rugs made of polypropylene or olefin because it is light, pretty and very easy to clean.

5. Functionality.
Aside from accentuating a room and stimulating creativity, kid's rugs can serve many practical purpose. It can be a safe floor place where kids can enjoy and be safe from activities like watching TV, play and study activities.
The general types of rugs are the following
a. Play rugs
b. Educational rugs
c. Contemporary or modern designed rugs
d. Novelty rugs

In choosing the best rug for your kid's room, choose correctly and you will enjoy seeing your kid have fun and enjoy in his own room.