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by : Steve Dubin

FRESNO, CA...By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, DirectBuy members can not only save a lot of money, but enjoy the process as well. And while it can be a lot of fun to pick out your new kitchen, the new floors for your bathroom, it also requires your full attention. That's a luxury members with children don't always have. That's why DirectBuy of Fresno has developed a "Kids Zone" area in their showrooms, so parents can focus on the task at hand and kids can enjoy the DirectBuy experience, too.

Though not a supervised area, the Kids Zone features a number of things to keep school-age children occupied and entertained: books, puzzles and games. The Kids Zone also includes a flat screen television so children of members can watch movies or play video games.

"Let's face it, most kids would rather go to the dentist than watch their parents shop for their next home improvement project. By the same token, it's difficult for members with children to get the most out of the experience and do the research they need to do if they're concerned about the kids getting fidgety. The Kids Zone gives children of DirectBuy members a place to play games, watch TV or even make new friends with other members' kids while the grown-ups have their 'fun'," said Troy Seavers, co-owner of DirectBuy of Fresno.

Creating fun things to do for children is nothing new for DirectBuy. DirectBuy franchises across North America regularly donate equipment to youth organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and children's hospitals.

"Because we are entrenched in the local community, we have an even greater incentive to make this a one-of-a-kind, unique shopping experience because many of the members are our friends, neighbors, even relatives," said Seavers. "The Kids Zone and donations to youth groups are just an extension of that philosophy."

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped consumers enjoy enormous savings on home furnishings, home improvement items, entertainment and outdoor products, and accessories, by providing an avenue to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Conveniently located at 4150 West Shaw in Fresno, DirectBuy of Fresno offers consumers a comfortable, welcoming setting where they finally have the financial control of buying direct.

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About DirectBuy
Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped hundreds of thousands of families enjoy a better quality of life, enabling them to buy directly from more than 700 manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. Buying direct enables members' hard-earned money to go much further, while having the selection and choice not available at any retail store. DirectBuy of Fresno, which opened in 2007, prides itself in providing excellent member service. Access to confidential prices, local suppliers and unparalleled selection helps make members' dream projects a reality. It's a comfortable setting, where you finally have the financial control of buying direct. DirectBuy of Fresno is part of more than 150 franchise locations throughout North America.

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