Let Your Children be Established in Life

by : Dalip Singh Wasan

Let your children be established in time

If we have produced children, it is our duty to give them education, training and get work for them from they should start earning so that one day they too could be able to establish a family of their own and may run and administer that family. And for that purpose, we shall have to bring children on this earth in time and we shall have to finish all initials works in time so that they could be at work and they could be established before we stop working and earning. Therefore, we have got no spare time with us and we shall have to plan and then execute our plans and if need be, we should finish all this before we reach 50 years of our age. This should be the target before each one of us and if we are not keeping the program in our mind and we are not following the program, we would be suffering from worries and tension and we would not get peace of mind.
This life is not Heaven and we are to make it Heaven for us. We should think that we shall convert this life into Heaven and for that purpose, we shall have to concentrate on our children. The youth is just struggle and we cannot enjoy life during youth because all these responsibilities are on our shoulders. And if we could not bring our children in the right direction, our old age shall also become a Hell for us and we shall remain unhappy during the last days of our life full of worries and tensions. Therefore, we must keep in our mind our children and we should put our time and energy on our children and we must see that all is over before we actually reach fifties.
If we want a tension free life in old age, we must see that our children are not creating any trouble for us when we are old. And when our children are struggling for establishing in life, we too should be with them and we tool must struggle so that they may be happy and they shall bring happiness and peace for us and if our children are in trouble, we too shall be under trouble and we shall not be having a tension free life.