Free Beer Recipe

by : Jon Murray

This is an open source beer recipe entitled "free beer".

9.26 lbs (4,20 kg) Maris Otter (3,0 SRM)
1.10 lbs (0,50 kg) Munich Malt (7,1 SRM)
7.04 oz (200 g) Crystal Malt (66,0 SRM)
3.52 oz (100 g) Brown Malt (95,4 SRM)
2.88 oz (80 g) Carafa Special Type III (710,7 SRM)

7.48 AAU Northern Brewer hop pellets (FWH.)
(0.88 oz/25 g of 8.5% alpha acid)
2.92 AAU Williamette hop pellets (7 min.)
(0.53 oz/15 g of 5.5% alpha acid)

2 oz (57 g) GuaranÃ? beans
Crush GuaranÃ? beans and infuse in 1 quart of hot boiled water (max temperature 172.4 F/78.0 C).
Filter the mixture and add to the boiling wort the last 15 min.

London Ale (White Labs #WLP013)

Step by Step
Mash crushed grains at 150.8 F (66,0 C) in 14,01 quarts (13,26 L) of Water.
Hold mash at 150.8 F (66,0 C) for 60 minutes.
Heat to 161.6 F (72,0 C)
Hold mash at 161.6 F (72,0 C) for 5 minutes.
Heat to 172.4 F (78,0 C)
Hold mash at 172.4 F (78,0 C) for 10 minutes.

Sparge with 4.09 gallons (15,49 L) of 172.4 F (78,0 C) water

Collect 6 gallons (22,7 L) of wort
Remember to add Northern Brewer hops at the beginning of sparge a.k.a. First Wort Hops/FWH

Boil wort for 60 minutes
Adding the GuaranÃ? mixture the last 15 minutes and the Willamette hops the last 7 minutes.

Cool wort to 67,1 F (19,5 C) and transfer to clean and disinfected fermenter. Remember to aerate the cooled wort, dissolving as much oxygen as possible in the wort.

Pitch Yeast

Ferment at 67,1 F (19,5 C) until fermentation is completed (aprox. 7-10 days).

Dissolve 3.07 oz (87 g) of sugar in a small amount boiling water. Put the sugar mixture in a clean and disinfected container, and transfer the fermented beer this will ensure even distribution of carbonation sugar.
Leave as much yeast sediment/trub as possible, in the fermenter
Be careful not to aerate the fermented beer in the process

Bottle for carbonation and leave at 67,1 F (19,5 C) for 7-10 days

Store bottles at 39.2-46.4 F (4-8 C) for another 14-30 days.

Serve cold and enjoy.