How To Get MLM Leads

by : cscarpero

Need leads for your multi-level-marketing business (MLM)? Try some of these lead generation tips.

Create a voicemail script that invites people to your website to get a free information packet and gift when they sign up online. And include this phone number on your marketing materials and other communications. Update it regularly with seasonal and other promotions. Have fun!

Join lead exchange groups like Business Exchange International and trade your business card with others.

Sell your product on a barter. Barter exchanges work on a credit system. You move some product, and possibly get referrals and in exchange you get credits that you can use for advertising, voice mail, internet and many other services.

Host or participate in events. Check into ad swaps, setting up a leads generating fish bowl drawing, teaching a workshop, being a speaker (with handouts and business cards for the audience) and other opportunities. Even if the event is not yours, you could check into running one of your own to coincide with it either beforehand, during a lunch or dinner break, or afterwards and then package tickets for both events together.

Fundraisers are great opportunities for public awareness, to give back to the community and to generate leads. Donate a product or service to a non-profit and host a drawing that gives it away as a prize. Then before the event, announce this news to both online and offline media, and include your contact information with website.

Check out how promotional advertising specialties can help you generate leads and order some items that are within your budget: pens and pencils with your logo and URL, ball caps, notepads, magnets, calendars and more.

Create your own audio and video clips with Camtasia and Microsoft PowerPoint slides to teach others about your products and services. Before people can view and listen to them, have them sign up and give you their contact information for follow up.

Test classifieds ads in those inexpensive Suburban Newspapers and penny newspapers like the Thrifty Nickel. Offer your free audio or video clips, ebook, report or guide in exchange for their contact info for follow up.

Submit articles and press releases regularly to online article databases, and offline media.

Hire sales and marketing help. Head to online bidding sites like or offline companies like Adecco (at

Outsource some work so you're not doing it all. Get help with publicity, article writing, website development, database management, customer service, help desk and more. Place a small Help Wanted ad in your local newspaper, check online for outsourcing companies and get recommendations form fellow business people.

Put some tips into practice. And go get some more leads!